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Posted:Ive come to the conclusion that ripstop nylon is a bad material for tail poi. Its stiff and rather offputting when it hits together. Does anyone know any shops that sell tail poi with another type of material, something lighter and that moves easyer?

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Posted:Silk maybe?

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Posted:Have a look at the Oddballs ribbon poi page - scroll down to find the Pyropixies ones with ribbon or chiffon tails. I've never used them or seen them used, but they look good in the pictures smile


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Posted:Same page, Spiral Poi are very nice. My wife has a set.


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Posted:im always wary of tail poi now. Since I got some cobra 2 poi, it says on that site

'These really are a first class set of Poi, designed & constructed without compromise.'

actually what happened was, I paid 13 for something that the heads fell off and the fingerloops did aswell due to crappy parts.

My advice, get 2 shoelaces and attatch some weight (glowstick/tennisball or whatever) tie the laces in a reef knot then attatch a tail from whatever you want. Either that or buy some nylon cords from here and they come with a normal O link instead of low quality hairpin type link


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Poison Poi do good tail poi in bespoke colours and options for 15.

Oddballs also have good 4-panel poi (in the shop, not on the site) which are too expensive for me at 22 a set.

I've used both of these makes of poi and have never seen any of either type break (a number of my friends have each of these makes of poi). In fact, the most damage sustained was when someone trod on one of the tails and yanked at the handle, and the only damage was a bent split ring!

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Posted:I would think just visit a local fabric store, tell them what you're making, and see if they could suggest anything that won't fray easily, can be sewn, and that will be soft/light/durable enough to be moving at high speeds (flapping in wind during use). Maybe they could suggest something, and it would probably be loads cheaper to pay for fabric by the yard than ripstop nylon. (Perhaps more convenient too, no shipping costs!) Would you mind PMing me with what you find, if you go that route? (I don't sell poi, but I don't buy them either. Always looking for new materials!)


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Posted:I want to start spinning tail poi too. Ive had cobra II for ages and used them once or twice, they just feel rubbish. I have thrown the handles away and use some from HOP and the tails just feel 'hard' and dont really flow.

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Posted:I've got some tailed zuni and wizard poi, I like both sets...I've had my zuni for two years and it is just starting to fray and my wizard are doing pretty well too

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Posted:silk ribbons work well, my ribbon poi have the ribbons woven into a clear plastic ball for weight.

A tip on slowing fraying on the ends of ribbons - cut a triangle out of the end, so the end looks like a snakes tounge...(I have no idea how to describe what I'm saying here...maybe - fold ribbon in half along the width, cut from the end a 45 degree angle up to the edge.....)

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Posted:I have a set called 'Dragon Poi'. Basically two tails to each poi, with a black head with a dragon printed on in silver. They're sold from a market in Melbourne, really good quality.



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Posted:The thing I like about ripstop is that it is pretty durable. I made some silky flags, using a transluscent material, but it tore and snagged very easily.

There is a lighter material like ripstop, known as poly lining, which is less stiff. It still gives me the snapping sound I look for, but flutters and flows much easier. It is a bit more delicate to sew though, and more likely to develop pulls.

My next ones are going to be satin. I located a bolt of cloth that has these nice Japanese motifs on it. Its finished on both sides, but the color is slightly more shiny on one than the other.

Overall, when it comes to finding a material that suits you, I've come to the conclusion that learning to sew has been the best decision ever.

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