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Posted:Hi, I'm in the midsts of making a website, which should be sort of wiki/myspace-esque, as in people put up their profiles with locations and disciplines (ranging from Poi to juggling to Diabolo to card-tricks/sleights of hand and mnemonics etc.), so that people with these sorts of interest can search for other 'jesters' in their area, check out what events are going on nearby them or perhaps where they are travelling.
thought of this after someone on a contactjuggling forum emailed me saying "hey, I'm also in switzerland, didn't think there were any other contact jugglers in switzerland! (yes, switzerland is small-about twice the size of new jersey).

cept...I had the idea about 6 months ago, and was going to get the domain, now that I've finally gotten round to getting it done, I find out that and all sorts of other, etc., are all taken!

Anyone suggest different names? should be short enough to be easy to remember and make sense and be able to cover all sorts of 'jests', not just poigling,staff and jugglign etc.

here are a few quick thoughts of my own: (jesterstavern?)
-jullare (giullare?)

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Posted:Try out the .eu domains. might be more availability.

then you could have

ha ha


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Posted:haha, thats actually quite a catchy idea!

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