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Posted: I also heard 2 alarming things at coffee break, just there a minute ago. Be warned this is alarming.
1) Frozen vegetables are better for you than fresh vegetables
2) Butter is better for you than a spread, like low low

Both of these ideas go against everything I know and believe in, in this world. eek

So you could say my life has been turned upside down today. frown

I must research this and find out if there is any truth in these claims.

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Posted:The fact that I put a wink after it means that I wasn't quite taking myself seriously. That's what wink means. It even says it in the HoP guidelines.

If you follow the flow of the conversation above we were comparing the time it takes to get something from the farm to the market as opposed to freezing it.

My point was that freezing it helps keep the nutrients better over time than not freezing.

I was using the word fresh as it was used in the above conversation and initial post.

Frozen foods degrade slower than non frozen foods. In fact, all chemical processes happen slower at lower temperatures.

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Posted:Butter tastes better. Corn cob with margarine on... forget it! That's enough for me!! Plus I read/learned(I think while studying to be a chef) something along the lines of that technically nothing can survive on margarine (ie bacteria) so its not really a food.
Whether that is true or not I don't really know. Its my taste buds that make the choice for me though. Butter all the way.
Plus, the little that you actually have on your toast or on your spuds, if it is just a little of course, is bugger all fat compared to the amount of fat in a bag of crisps or block of chocolate or hot chips... let alone a McD's burger.

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