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Posted:Hi All!

Excellent site! Ive been swinging poi for about 6 months now. This weekend I have been to an outdoor Trance party where World Nr 1 DJ Tiesto was playing at Silwerstroomstrand, Cape Town. Man, took glowsticks with to swing with.

The highlight was when an oldish lady (about 45) walked up to me around 3am Sunday morning while swinging, and told me: "It is such a pleasure watching you. You look fantastic!". This was the first time anyone has ever been so open to me about my skills and made me not want to stop!

Anybody know any inexpensive ways to get your Poi to glow (apart from glowsticks and fire). I did my first fire-poi swinging also last week, and man it was great! Not even one burn! Gonna make my own fire-wicks soon.

Anybody else in SA, if you wanna write to me, or anyone else for that matter, spreeth@netralink.com


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Posted:Hey HaapyLoner - welcome to Hop..

Glad you've got the bug.. why don't you go over to the introductions page and tell us all about you! We've got a few people loggin on from SA at teh mo - seems to be taking off there big style.. thats good..

As for making things glow.. if you are just out in normal light - theres not really much you can do except maybe invest in some Electroglows from Malcolms shop - they are great I've got blue and red one.. if you can't afford the whole units - Malcolm sells just the LED units on there own. so you can carry on making your own poi.

If you've got access to UV light (in clubs usually) you can use anything that will react.. white cloth - UV paints and something really funky that I got given for Christmas - UV nail polish! you can paint it on anything and boy does it react! You can get paints from local art shops I think.. good luck and happy making!

Just a little tip - there is a 'delete post' box at the top of your page when you go into edit mode .. if you check that and then edit post again- your can delete your multiple post - if you've not discovered that already..

Welcome.. happy spinning!

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..


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