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Mr Potato Head

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Posted:Hey Guys ad Gals,
just wondering how much u ppl would charge for a show/performance? i went to a rave a few months ago and there was this fire twirler, and i just wodered how much he would get paid for hanging round outside and twirling.

also how long do u reckon until u should start perfoming? as i hope to save $$ for a Europe trip at the end of the year i think it would be cool to be paid to twirl/spin, prob is ive been only been doing for past 2 weeks haha so it would be kewl to find out how long u ppl out there waited until i started:)

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SmallBoy - x

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Posted:Consultancy fee for posting - about $25
Rambling tax - $4
Puttin gup with crappy weather while writing this charge - $11
Doing the currency converstion - 1.50

Hanging round outside a rave, unless organised by the organisers (which is doubtful) is usually unpaid and done for fun.

If you do decide to get into performing for $$, go get some insurance or you'll end up
a) turned away from gigs when they realise
b) hurting someone and getting stung
c) hurting yourself
d) possibly getting nicked

Errrrrm, me I've been spinning poi for 9 months and I still don't think I'm good enough to perform and give the crowd a great impression of poi, but then screw that if you enjoy it and people are prepared to hire you then do it, I had a great time and I'll do it again when I pull my finger out and organise some more.
(Stands by for barrage of abuse from the professionals) - do remember though that there are people out there that make a living from performing, and doing it well, and safely if you do it with fire.

'Part from that, have fun, and remember to look like you're enjoying it......

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Posted:average price charged for 30 mins out side a night club in the UK 50.
all depends on what you have to offer, how good you are, costumes?, how many of you are doing it, how well known you are, insured?? <big problem some times, getting paid afterwards, club promoters are such assholes.
all i will say is be carefull.


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Posted:A quick word of advice as far as getting paid goes...if you are working for a club instead of some kind of production company get the money (at least part) in advance! After hanging around a club that I wouldn't normally go to for two hours bugging people for money for the show I had done, I made up my mind that clubs (particularily that club) needed to pay me atleast half if not all when I walked my happy self in the door.
And if a gig sounds fishey or the person sounds hesitant to spend money on a fire preformer, I ask for a non-refundable deposit that is paid when the gig is booked, that way you don't have to worry about turning down work and then showing up to people who have changed their minds about you being me, it happens. Ah, no business like show business.

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Posted:I do my sets in 10 minute increments. I get $50 for those ten minutes. If you want me to work a 30 minute show, I get $150...and that is the base rate. It also depends on the style of show, if it is tip or not, local or not, etc. There are so many variables. In other words....I make about $5 per minute. How ever...before everyone runs into going "I want to do that too!"...I trained for about a year soley with the fire before I incorporated it into my already exsisting performance repetoire. I have been doing the fire in shows for about 3 years now, I have been doing shows for much longer. I am a professional actress and dancer by trade, and I did not start out getting paid that much, or in some cases at all. In fact, what I started out getting paid did not cover my expenses, but to determine yourself as a professional you need to act like one from the get go. I could go on and on forever about this, and about the mistakes that I made (as some of you already know I can babble! ) but I can tell you this, if you only started two weeks ago, you have a ways to go before you should even concider performing. It is ALOT of work and planning and such, and there is a formula to use when deciding how much to charge, and I would check to see what other local obscure talents charge so as not to be underbidding them and really develope a bad rep....Ummm...before I prattle longer, I think I'll shut up now. I would suggest you keep practicing at this point and enjoy the art for the fun of it, and just look forward to your trip.

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