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Posted:How to ...

... wiggle

Guy Browning
Saturday July 8, 2006
The Guardian

"Pleasure is wiggle shaped. Think about the last time you wiggled and it's a pretty good bet that you were having fun. Hips that wiggle are attractive, because love-making itself is the closest humans get to moving like a caterpillar. If love-making is done on a flat surface and lasts more than two minutes, it's actually an effective form of locomotion (hence the song).
Waggling is a close cousin to wiggling. Some parts of the body are waggled rather than wiggled. For example, you wiggle your toes but waggle your ears. You waggle your wings but wiggle your toggle. You can also toggle your woggle. Interestingly, you can't waggle or wiggle your brain. This has its own special movement, boggling. It's a specialist movement and you won't get far trying to boggle your foot.

Worms are said to be wiggly, but in their natural environment they go straight as a tube train. It's only when you hold them up that they wiggle, but then you'd probably wiggle if you were held 2,000ft up and you had no hands to cling on with.
Dogs, especially ones in windows, have waggly tails. If you have one with a wiggly tail, check carefully that it isn't, in fact, a pig. Bees have a waggly dance that communicates to other bees where the sweet stuff is. Human dancing is also a sequence of wiggles and waggles to show other humans where to find the sweet stuff.
Wiggling and waggling should never be done continuously as they lose their signalling potency. Continuous waggling becomes waddling, a far less attractive proposition. Similarly, there is a danger with wiggling: done too fast, it becomes jiggling, and no one likes that. "Get a wiggle on" now means to hurry up. This should not be confused with "get a woggle on", which means joining a scouting movement.
No situation in life is so desperate that there isn't room left to wiggle. Some people, who do very little else in life, show extraordinary energy and ingenuity when it comes to wiggling out of things.
Top physicists say the smallest particles of the universe are super-strings which wiggle. It's great to know that even when you're stock-still waiting for a bus, the whole universe is wiggling away. Even DNA, the stuff of life, is just two wiggling wiggles."

Jake the Juggler

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lauz the caterpilla

lauz the caterpilla

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Posted:yay. the world of wiggling is awesome, confusing but awesome. more people should wiggle.

on a serious note, how bizzarre. was that really an article in the guardian?

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Posted:To keep your wiggle muscles toned up take up hooping. That's the best wiggle work out you can get biggrin

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Posted:ooo ye it is from the guardian...see here:


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Posted:ubblol wicked jake! that made me smile so much! i think we should all pass on the message of the wiggle

*does a lil wiggle*

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Posted:Im wiggling right now.




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Posted:*wiggle wiggle* biggrin

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I love it!

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Posted:My three year old niece loves the wiggles..

Wiggling rocks.. I know that the amount of fun I'm having is in direct correlation with additional effort on my part. So running round in circles with my hands flailing above my head is heaps more fun than sitting at my desk selling (insert product here).

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Posted:i think they should make a song
"i see ya baby wiggling that ass" lol

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Posted: Written by: lauz the caterpilla

yay. the world of wiggling is awesome, confusing but awesome. more people should wiggle.

on a serious note, how bizzarre. was that really an article in the guardian?

It's a regular column in the guardian magazine. Guy Browning rocks, he's very funny, and there's a book of all his older articles (sans... how to wiggle) called Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade biggrin

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Posted:last night i was watching tv and i saw an advert for renooow (spellling..... ) cars and that made me think of you lot and lots of wigging ubbrollsmile

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Posted:renault, i think it is.

Might be an accent or some other silliness in there, though.


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