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Posted:Calling the manchester crew!
I go crazy like the loon working here.
anyone know of any jobs? Preferably fun ones?
I've both performance experience and two years -ish office experience including telephony work.

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Posted:I can't help you out there hon.
But what ever you do, do NOT leave your current job until you have a new one. You will be screwed over by the Job centre if you go unemployed. I'm still having issues with them after 3 months eek

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Posted:the manchester evening news are currently doing something along the lines of if you give them a cv, they'll send it out to some of the places that your cv fits the criteria of, but i'm not too sure of the details

edit: http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/jobs/cvstation.html
thats the site for the cv thingy, i hope it helps ubbrollsmile

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Posted:rhe, the best ways ive found jobs in manc etc are using sites like 'monster', you basically upload your cv, put what type of jobs your looking for and it gets sent to loads of employers. when i did it, i got 4 calls after 2 days!

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