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Posted:*******Hellfire 2007********

Okay, well some of you may have heard that the next falmouth/gwithian meet will probably be the last.

"OH GOOD GOD NO!!!!!" I hear you cry, well never fear young hoppers, we have something bigger and better planned for next year.... Hellfire!!! devil

Moving along the same theme as PLAY, but in lovely sunny(*we hope*) Cornwall. sunny

We want to know what you want at the festival.

Call it market research if you will! wink

We have lots of ideas ourselves so far, but if there's something you've seen somewhere else at a festival and would like it at Hellfire devil

...say so here!

Likewise if there is something that has caused you a bad experience at another festival, circus skills or otherwise,and it would put you off doing it agian...LET US KNOW!!! biggrin

One other issue is cost. Obviously we want to charge you lovely yummy people as little as possible for this beautiful summer experience, so bear in mind all things cost money! wink

I'm also interested as to wether people would be prepared to pay more on entry, for more facilities???? confused

Okay, we have a few things that we will have there anyway:

Big top-yay! bounce

Catering facilities

On site Toilet and Shower Blocks

Live Music/DJ's

Fire area

Workshop areas

Chill out tent




Beer Tent

Family area

....and basically all the usual sort of stuff.

Theres lots of other ideas we have, but we're waiting to see how realistically viable they are first.

So people....thoughts/ideas please! biggrin

Go know you want to! wink

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Posted:public competitions for the best performer of different acts, wih a small theme 2 enter and a prize, yay.

Stalls selling stuff-car boot like.


is it me or does nothing realy matter?




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Posted:Are u gettin the big the big top from bret at circokernow/swamp circus by any chance?

is it me or does nothing realy matter?


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