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Posted:Ok, take a look at the video it is here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4187560676694660887&hl=en-GB

I'm sorry about it being so dark, I realise the quality isn't great, and please don't harass me about my music choice tongue

On the plus side it features the following moves:
- round the back spin
- under the leg
- My first fire neck rolls
- BTB pinwheels
-BTB spinning
- Double and single Side to sides in both directions
- Some krazy off centre grip experimentation after reading the thread by Agnosticfaithhealer
- ummm.. helicopter
- throw
- ... and probably a few other things!!

Constructive comments are appreciated, but please remember that I've only been spinning for a few months and don't be too harsh... I may never recover tongue


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Posted:props to you matey!
i like to see more staff videos!

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Posted:constructive criticms
push down on the staff harder so when u spin it more energy is transfered into it, dont throw it so high you will get a bigger plume

start to move your feet more, your very static with your spinning, if your worried about hitting yourself spin slower and move around more

be aware of what your non spinning arm is doing dinosaw arms are a no no

if you want more constructive critism post a day time spin so its easier to see what you doing its hard to comment on posture etc when theres only small amounts of light present

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Posted:redfacei never talk about thats ,
but why all the people who doing a vids, only take therself and nothing more? ....

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Posted:Thanks ben-ja-men, much appreciated. biggrin

Yeah, I know I'm very static, I move around more when I practise, but whenever I burn there is always someone else there, and I think I get a little self conscious which seems to glue me to the spot!

lolsign - "dinosaw arms", I've never heard that before!, but thanks for the raising the flag about my other arm, I havn't really given it much thought, but I'll keep it in mind for those moves only using one hand.

Sorry loon, it was just a 'backyard' spin, there was nobody else there to take.... oh, and chears bender! smile



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cant not comment on the pants music sorry but its just not my thing, eek
you seem to have a nice rytyhm for a beginner,
i found one way of getting into the movement side of things is to have a sound system blaring out some funky music whilst twirling,
dont worry about the self concious thing we all have abit of that in us especially when the camera is on,
if you have time try taking lots of footage starting before dusk and filming into dark,this way you should get footage that makes the fire look cool as well as allowing us to see your move more clearly,
the more you film yourself the more relaxed you will become in front of the camera.
good luck


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Posted: ... I don't discuss politics, religeon and taste in music... tongue

Thanks for the nice words though! I'll have to try and do a full evening and film loads as you say from dusk until dark!

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