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Posted:Yesterday, another Tsunami struck the coast of southern Java, claiming at least 100 souls.
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Regional agencies had warned that a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck 150 miles off Indonesia's southern coast was strong enough to create a tsunami on Java. But there was no warning system for those on the southern coast.

Billions of dollars went to the area for support and installation of a warning system, getting down in the swamp of corruption (Indonesia is among the top ten countries with the highest corruption on the planet).

How much more has to happen, unless the gov't actually DOES something to protect their citicens?

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Posted:Tom, what does it matter to the corrupt politicians if it doesn't affect them personally?

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Posted:Pangandaran is the coast line closest to Mout it's closest city is Yogyakarta.....

It kind of goes without saying that due to the earthquakes and volcano problems they have been having there that this would be next in the works...

I have family and friends there still who I have not heard prayers are with them...