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Ok, at the risk of this drifting to the bottom of the pile, I'm going to share a thought I was having today with you all

Ok, I generally spin staff by myself, or when I use fire I have a small audience (friends and family) and for me the whole spinning/twirling thing is basically fairly introverted (I'm a bit like that anyway). I enjoy the focus I have when I'm spinning (I used to do martial arts and I think in a way it's a similar sort of mindset). So for me the high points are when moves link together smoothly and flow naturally....

... but I have no idea if that's the kind of mindset all other spinners have....

I figure some people must prefer the display aspect. The feeling of putting on the best show and doing the most spectacular moves possible for the audience... essentially extroverted.

So, I was just wondering who here falls into the 'introverted' and who falls into the 'extroverted' catagory... or do you all just want to yell at me for trying to catagorise people tongue

... anywho, it was just a thought I was having...


Sambo_FluxGOLD Member
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Actually this is a fairly interesting subject. I'm a very introverted person naturally, I don't find it easy to open up to people and mostly I'm fairly quiet. When I'm on my own I use Poi to focus and practise, it's very relaxing just spinning.

BUT... When I have people watching me, it feels like it's a way of opening up and becoming the center of attention without actually letting loose my slightly odd personality on a whole crowd of people. I just stand there and spin, and if people are watching me it makes me feel really good, in some ways validated. I still lose myself in the motions, but I do get a kick out of people appreciating it, to the point where I'll whip my Poi out at any given opportunity. weavesmiley wink

If that makes any sense whatsoever... smile

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The Tea FairySILVER Member
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I'm definitely an introverted spinner. I normally practise alone and where nobody's watching. I don't mind people watching but then I get awkward if they start trying to ask what I'm doing/why I'm doing it/am I from the circus e.t.c. Obviously, meets like Clapham and Spitz are different cos everybody's doing it.

Spinning in front of kids is cool because they think it's amazing and almost always wasnt to learn themselves. However, I've had little idiots trying to get in the way so I hit them, one kiddie ran off with one of my poi once after he'd asked to try them out! I don't mind teaching others what I know though.. I think I'm a bit of both really, depending on the situation I'm spinning in, but I don't like being the centre of attention.

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Yeah, it is pretty good when people watch and just tell me it looks cool or whatever, but I can totally understand about feeling awkward when people ask you why I'm doing it... When I told my housemate last year that I was taking up staff he didn't really understand why or what the point was... I guess he just thinks I'm a freak ... which may be valid tongue


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I don't like spinning in front of people... I feel intimidated.. so I watch more than anything.. which means I don't improve.

Only time I spin in public is at camps when there's a crowd of us and I know people will be watching Jimbob, Phuhzz and the others. But then, it takes me a lot to work myself up to spin

Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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Even though it is nice to people are amazed by what you do, I still feel slightly uncomfortable knowing I'm being scrutinized by many pairs of eyes. Never more evident when in acase of being surrounded by far more experienced peers.

Doesn't stop me from going on the poi podium at Monster Monster where I lose myself in the music and flow of the poi moves.

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monseratSILVER Member
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Someone once called me a shy, retiring extrovert which pretty much sums me up. I like spinning on my own, especially when I'm trying to get a new move, and usually end up with my head down and just concentrating on the feel and the flow of what the poi are doing. The first few times I went up to Spitz I was pretty shy about standing there and spinning, still am a bit if I'm talking to a bunch of people who are all a lot better than me! wink

But as I've got better and learnt a few more tricks I'm getting more confident about spinning in front of people and starting to enjoy showing people what I can do, especially when they're telling me how cool it looks!

So guess I'm a bit of both as well really, happy to spin on my own and happy to be the centre of attention if people are looking for one!

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GothFrogetteBRONZE Member
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i don't know where i come into it, i love performing but hate the thought of people watching me. Its the same when i go out and dance... I love dancing, love being in the middle of the stage but don't like people watching me.

so i have No idea what i am confused

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tiamat_22580I will kill all mods
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introverted.. id say i barely talk on the net... i havent even been on this site for about 2 years... that was the last time i was on

_Aime_SILVER Member
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I wouldn't say I like to get up on stage to perform..but yeh I'll stand in front of a few people and wiggle my booty for them biggrin

Spin like nobodies watching, because at the end of the day - who cares what other people think?

I have a friend whos recently started poi, and I was showing him the PLAY dvd. He went off on one saying he would go but wouldn't do anything because people would think he was crap.
He still wont belive be that people don't care what level you're at. Thats whys on the blackboard listing events in big chalky letters there is 'WORKSHOPS!' written there....

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 Written by: Aime

Spin like nobodies watching, because at the end of the day - who cares what other people think?

Wow, good philosophy! biggrin

It's really cool to hear so many views on the subject... keep 'em coming!


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what is it "sing like nobodies listening, dance like nobody is watching (something else here)"

Hmm, maybe I might go down to the lake near my house one day and do a bit of spinning

TinklePantsGOLD Member
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I used to be very introverted as a kid, but now i'm definitely extroverted. I spin when ever i have my toys with me - at family BBQ's, down the park, next to the river, on an embankment, in the back yard - anywhere there's space basically! And I don't care what people think - They don't know what a hyperloop or an antispun fountain is so they're not worth my time worrying about what they think lol!

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