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Posted:<first topic on the BB.)welp, after readin article on the site about new ideas and thoughts, i went to sleep and got up in the morning with a great idea.i went to the shop and bought about a 3 meter long wire, 2 tennis balls and a large coke
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i went home and drank the coke.than I made double sided poi.picture this. one long wire with a ball on each end.now, the idea in my head was to use it both as regular poi, with just some wire between the head, what made some tricks a bit harder, but i managed to break out of weave into a cool lookin trick where i let the rope become one long staff and spin across my hand. than i ran out of ideas.I showd this to some other spinners and they thought it was such a cool idea, 2 bad i couldnt find more tricks for it.any one with ideas for the new toy?


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Posted:I actually made something similar to that (mine was shorter--less than 2 m). My hope was that I'd be able to grab the cable in both hands and do poi-type maneuvers, or hold it in one hand and do staff-type maneuvers. Well, I was able to do the poi moves, more or less (though it was uncomfortable to hold), but the staff moves didn't work very well, and mostly wound up wrapping the cable around me. I think that to hold the cable taut--so it would behave like a staff--would just require too much speed.

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Posted:I've heard of this being done before.Instead of tennis balls on each end of the wire/chain the guys I heard about used small sacks of coins. Because the sacks are heavier than balls the centrifugal force required to make it staff-like is generated at a lower speed. So you don't need to twirl so fast.I imagine a few dangers. (As if that would put any of us off). Being hit by a sack of coins could be rather painful. And because it's bendy in the middle the other end would still be flying through the air looking for a target. I've been smacked by my staff plenty of times but only one end at a time.I suppose sand or rocks could be substituted for coins.Enjoy.

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Posted:Talking about sacks of coins, the first poi my freind made used a handful of change.
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That hurt, but not as much as his next attampt, using lead wieghts. *owch*

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Posted:This toy is actually known as meteors, and is a traditional chinese cirus art form. When pefected they do this with small bowls of water / fuel and dont spill a drop whilst doing a LOT of tricks. Based on staff moves but SOOOO much harder!!!!Good luck cos i know it is difficult!!Ben