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Posted:If any one was wondering why i have not been around much on HOP reciently its because i have been hardcore studying in my final year of nurse training... today i had my final practical assessment document signed off.... i have passed all my exams passed all my essays.. i am qualified. and with a degree to boot (generally childrens nurses graduate with a diplomia)

I have given up loads especally in my final year lost contact with a lot of friends have not even been to a spinning meet in like a year... and now i have the summer off and dont really know what to do with my self.

Its a strange consept the next time im at work its going to be me thats accountable me thats going to be training student nurses, cant quite get my head around it

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Posted:yay you... well done man! clap bounce hug

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Posted:bounce Congratulations Brodie bounce

You are now HoP's fully qualified kinky nurse! Yay!

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Posted: Written by: Doc Lightning

No, Ravehead, because that'll kill you. 50 mcg, maybe...

*kicks Lightning in the butt*



Congrats man! biggrin

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Posted: Written by: brodieman

my favorite kid story
a rather high up prof. cam in to see a six year old girl is rather bright for her age to discuss an operation he would be performing the following day
prof: do you know what an 'operation' is?

girl: if YOU dont know what an operation is that makes be very worried as your doing it tomora

prof: i knew what an operation i was just checking you do.

girl: im 6... not stupid

Oh dear... I'm assuming the surgeon wasn't nearly as amused as you were...

-Mike )'(
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Posted:gratz mikey biggrin hug

so we might see you at a spitz??

well, i'll be seeing you in azeroth anyway wink

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