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Posted:i just lost my poi... im like all jittery and i dont kno wut to do. i know i can just make more sock poi... but, that set of poi was PERFECT!!! AAAHHH!!!! eek

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Posted:Hi there wave

I found these thread concerning lost poi which you could have posted in before you started a new thread...

Lost Poi

Letter to a lost poi

Please do a search before posting a new topic, this site is very large, and has many members, the chances are the topic you want to talk about has been posted before.

Also a large majority of HoP members dont have English as their first language. This means 'text talk' and abbriviations makes it very hard for people to understand.
Posts in proper English in the future would be greatly appriciated smile

I hope you find your poi soon! hug


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Mr Majestik

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Posted:(served! served! served! served!) tongue

and how to serach is a MUCH better link biggrin

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