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jim bombadilmember
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Sorry another war one I'm afraid I just wanted to ask what everyone would do if they were drafted?
Would you be happy and proud to fight against Iraq (or other terroist states) would you refuse? How do you think you'd feel?

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I had a feeling I should have kept this opinion to myself.Looking back on both posts I can see why the fuss and am responding again to hopefully keep people's opinion of me from being suaded by those feelings.

I have never condoned violence against women when it comes to abuse.I was simply saying I have seen women go all out on a guy and he do nothing in response. My feeling is if you don't want me to put my hands on you then don't put your hands on me.As for being childish I am truly of the mind to either talk things over or simply walk away. Fighting solves nothing.To me it is really an issue of respect.If you have respect for someone than you don't conduct yourself in a manner as such.

I will take this moment to apologize to all the ladies on this site for my submissions if they offended you.I am truly very sorry and especially to Thistle because I would never condone what happened to her.Please do not judge me based on those particular posts.I know they look bad but I am not a bad person and would never strike anyone without do cause to.

Again I am sorry if what I said has offended anyone.

[ 11. February 2003, 16:04: Message edited by: poiaholic22 ]

Thistleold hand
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Poiaholic22, it's ok I'm not offended and I apreciate the Pm you sent

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Your's is different to mine, but it's our diversity from each other that makes this site (and the whole planet) the cool place it is. It's difficult sometimes in the written word to get your point accross without it being misunderstood.

Personally I believe it is not right for a man to hit a woman even if she hits him first, unless she is seriously attacking him, or she has fighting training and then restraint/defense is needed. But I am sure there are people who would argue against this.

FNF thanks for the love you are a sweetie

And Jim, still sorry about hijacking your thread.

Are we nearly there yet?

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