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Anyone know of any thai poi people or places? I will be in the bangkok area and Changmai from july 14th to august 23rd.


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kael, I am sure someone got back to you by now, but just in case they have not, be sure to go to Pra Sumen Park, in Bangkok, in the evenings after five. It is at the Pra Atit boat stop. All the spinners meet there each night.

Please say hi from me to Joe -older american guy, usually juggling-and Oud -- thai man, long hair in a pny tail, one of the best spinners there, often teaching, makes and sells poi and staff-- if you get a chance!

Chiang Mai, - nowhere specific I know of, but often people spinning and teachin inthe various park spaces, so just pull out your toys!
Have fun!!!

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Hi Kael,

As andrealee said Pra Sumen Park, is the place in Bangkok. I was in Chang Mai, earlier this year for a number of weeks and didn't find anywhere specific, although there are a few nice places just to spin in, but if your heading North to Pai at all, there were a couple of meets at the Sunset Bungalows just across the river over the bamboo bridge. Met some really nice people. PM me if you want any more info and i'll check what I have for you.

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I just came back from Thailand, i was there for 3 months n i didnt c one spinner in Bangkok-i was there for over 3 weeks as well!!! The first time i spotted them was in Ko Pha Ngan, where they were fantastic! Not so good on Full Moon Nights but great other nights i ended up stayin there for a month! I recommend it. Also if u manage 2 go 2 the south, Phi Phi was amazing 4 Poi as well, especially at Carlito's Bar. But if ur just goin 2 the north then ignore me! biggrin ubbloco

Hope ur havin a wonderful time!

Clo xx peace

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yep been To thialand myself this year for a month, as everyone has said in Bangkok Pra Sumen Park is the place to be, was in chang mai for a week and dint see any spinners there at all so can't help you there. Have a look for the rooftop bar in Chang Mai its the best bar there even tho the floor feels like it is about to collapse.

If you head down to the islands you'll find plenty of spinners on Kho Phangan try visit a place called Ban Srithanu find the Rasta Bar and you will se the best 9 year old staff spinner you will ever see.... EVER!!!

The owner is called Toe and does a fire show most nights and if he sint that night he will do one if you ask nicely biggrin anyhows have a good one (impossible not to )
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Hi Kael
I hope you are having a great time in Thailand... I envy you wink
In chiang mai sometimes ARt (really sweet thai guy an dgood spinner too) is there spinning by Ta phae gate, when he is not in BGKK or elsewhere...
If you have a chance to go to Ko CHang near the cambodian border (island you reach by going to Trat) by all means go to Lonely beach and check out some of the nicest spinners around : Sun, Dao, Jay, Joe all thai and all stunning and my god do I love them dearly... if you do see them please tell them I love and miss them (especially the above mentioned people) They run the guesthouse an dbar and spin every evening.

I hope you enjoy yourself and enjoy the beauty of this country and the people there...
Shine on

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