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Posted:How do i make my poi stay alight for longer?...I have a pair of cathedral fire balls i have bought from this site and they only stay alight for 5 minutes of spinning after dipping them in parafin for one do i make them stay alight for longer?...

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Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Posted:5 minutes is a good time.

the only way you can get a slightly longer burn time is to spin slower so the fuel doesnt burn as fast.

and can i suggest you learn how to search , as this topic has been covered many times before. wink

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Posted:Yup, 5 minutes is a LOOOOONG time.

One suggestion I have is to change your wick. Hybrid wicks can last up to twice as long as cathedrals. Keep in mind though, the last quarter of the burn will have very little fire. A better approach would be to prepare multiple sets of poi and trade off with your safety when they get low.

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Posted:Yeah... If you arent tired and out of breath by the end of that 5 minutes, you arent doing it right smile

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