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Posted:We are running a Heaven and Hell themed dance party this saturday night and are in desperate need of some fire performers. The performers booked have had to pull out last minute and so we are searching for anyone intererested in coming down and performing at the night. It's going to be anamazing night - with 2 rooms of elctro/progressive/psy trance and ambient music, some of Melbourne's hottest DJ's and live acts including Rainbw Architect, Spacey Space and Elektra playing and a special performace by the Voodoo Trash Dolls. The night is at Brown Alley (The Colonial Hotel), Corner of King and Lonsdale streets, Melbourne. The night will run from 10pm - 7am. All the money raised from the night are going towards building a school in Cambodia. Please call Eliza on 0401 805 101.

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Posted:if you were in england i would jump at the chance!!!

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Posted:id love to do it if i didnt have work early sunday morning.

shall pass it round to other local twirlers though.

cheers, pete hug

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Posted:too far north. hope its goes off wink

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Posted:you guys can get PLi for firebreathing?! eek

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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