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Posted:Hi y'all,

Just a quick one, I want to get a general consensus on what you all think looks better. I admit they both look great but you've all got your favourite so which is it??

Poi? or Staff??

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Posted:crazy crazy question, there is no answer to this.
Poi/staff, neither is less beautiful.
My answer is the dancer in the middle.

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Posted:Nice reply
I'm with Glass on this one.

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Posted: Poi, just

X x X x X

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Posted:I would say to the average person Poi looks better just because it's new and unusual and makes so many diffrent patterns of circles. And people are more aquainted with staff from seeing majorettes (even though the baton moves of majorettes even in the competitions only partially resemble the moves staff people do) and also people are aquainted with staff from watching bruce lee movies and what not.

But when the skill level is high enough with staff to show people things they could never imagine and can't believe as they are watching it. I would say what determines what looks better is not the toy but the skill level.

In summary it's easier to impress people with a clumsy but fast 3 beat weave where as the same skill level on a staff doesn't cut it but as the skill level increases the diffrence between the two fade.



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Posted:double flail, combination of both, my latest and most favorites toy, lots of fun and very beautiful

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