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Posted:Does anybody have some videos with three sectional staff? I badly need some, because the only tricks I know are from the staves, so it looks completely pointless.


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Posted:The three section staff is somewhat of an odd weapon as far as learning moves/insturction goes. 3 section staffs are ment to be used in different ways, you should explore nunchuku, sword and staff performances sence three section staffs are designed to be used with techniques from all these weapons/tyos. Also learning how to use hook swords would be a good idea sence you can combine the the hooked ends together and use them as a sectional weapon.

This is probably the best advice I can give. Learn different things, branch out a bit and incorperate what you learn from using other things into you're 3 section staff routine. Three section staff is a very advanced weapon to use and requires a borad specturm of knowledge to use fluidly.


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Posted:For general martial arts videos try- Wushucentral.com

And specifically-

Three-section staff

three-section staff 2


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Posted:the problem whit three section staffs and fire twirling is to use the staffs properly you are meant to (depending on what moves you're doing0 hold the ends which have the wicks on them, so spinning a trisectional fire staff has much less moves availible than martial arts tri staffs.

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Posted:try this site wink look in downloads for anything with ninja rob / nunchucks you will like yes biggrin

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Member Since: 30th Jan 2006
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Posted:Thank you for the advice and for the videos! These days i've been learning some of the staff moves like rotor and pinwhel. I also tried some nunchaku moves, while holding the third stick. I'm trying to think of some changes of the hands, because I could not see any.