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Posted:I am on the island a lot, (family live there), and was wondering whether there are any poisters out there that fancy meeting up over the summer. (I live in Bembridge) Think Poi and BBQ's on the beach!

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Posted:I might be moving to Ryde next month. Just had a job offer there. Do you know any websites where I can look for flats to let? I don't like agencies.

And then we can meet up to spin!

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Posted:There are two main professional performance groups on the Island, Ryde Extreme Performers and Mad Cowz performance name (Fenfire_uk), Ryde Extreme meet in Ryde on Mondays, and Mad Cowz meet in West Cowes, Northwood Park Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00pm onwards.

Pm me for the Cowes meet details if you need to know more, since I 'run' this group.



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