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Posted:Does anyone else love sham69???!!! i think they are exceedingly good!!!! better than that in fact!!! i saw them at hammersmith palais on sunday. along with few other bands suicide bid, down division and DBD. was so very very good. so what does everyone think of them???? biggrin



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Posted:Can't say I've heard of them, got a link?

But can I please ask can you please rename the title of your thread, from the Chat forum its pretty much impossible to know what your thread is about, renaming your thread title will make the search function much easier too and will bring the right people to this thread.

Thanks hug

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Posted:Name rings small bells but not sure why... I'll have to have a dig

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Posted:Sham 69 are/were a 70/80's punk band. I love them. They have/had so much energy. I wasn't aware they were still gigging.

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