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Posted:hey people, I got a burning question here.
I'm planning on buying a laptop for when I move out. I can't afford one straight out of the shops, and I'm not sure about all these cheap offers online.

Would you consider buying a second hand, reconditioned laptop for a low price? or would you stick to buying brand new ones from a well known high street shop?


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these are just some of the sites ive used in the past not had any problems with any yet, they all do good kit at good prices. Hope they help

if ya get it off ebay i would be careful but if you know the previous owner then go 2nd hand, probly be a good bargin. Highstreet will always be overly expensive, the sites above are all good online retailers, ive got all my laptop kit from them!

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Posted:personally i wouldnt buy a laptop again, u pay twice the price for the convience of being able to take it round with you, if you need portability buy an external hard drive. ive always had trouble when dealing with second hand computers. i wouldnt buy from a computer shop id buy from an online site direct from the manufacture ull generally get a much better deal

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Posted:ebuyer!! or

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