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Posted:Hi happy people...

Here's a link to a picture page from the Exodus festival that just happened in Australia.

OzDoof Exodus pics

There's some pictures of the shit-hot Psycus show, some pictures of the Friday night show - shot from the main dance floor (the shots that are really red are because Dimitri and I were swinging yahting flares on stilts woohoo!), then there's a few shots of fire hula hoop - which could be a great application for those talking about belly dance. Hula rocks!

There's some shots on page 1 too with the girls from Flame Oz and The Fire Flys doing their beautiful head balance routines too.

Hope ya dig

ps there's more shots to be posted including the Saturday night show... amongst other craziness 15 of us got our kit off and did nekkid fire dancing!

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Posted:Wow, that looked like a great time Some amazing pics, too bad nothing like that would ever ever happen where I live.

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Posted:PSYCUS have the most amazing fire performance i've ever seen, easily eclipsing even anything i've ever seen in COL series by far.

took 'em about 5 days at exodus to prepare for, and am damn glad that there is at least some evidence of their work on HOP. I've only seen them @ rainbow serpent - heh heh a few people compared Earthdreamer's style to a vampire - she's the best poi-er i've ever seen!

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Posted:i wanna come home... sobsobsob... im missing all these great doofs, and i missed pip as well im so pissed off.... anyways happyhunting , i just thought id share my anguish..

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Posted:WOWEEZLES....what a fantastic stunning fire performance!!!!! That would have been the most intense atmosphere to be in! GOOD STUFF
I've never seen anything close to it

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