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The NPC (Nordic Poi Convention)2006 will be located in Vsters(Sweden) from the 7th to the 10th of september.
At the convention there will be lots of Workshops, especially about Poi (various techniques, movement with poi, beginner classes, etc.), but also dance, acrobatics, fire safety and other workshops related to poi.
There is going to be a fire battle where you can battle alone or with your crew.
An open stage will be held, where anyone is allowed to perform and we will have professional artists as well.
A fire night will be held daily and you can count that there will be much, much more.

Our goal with the NPC is to start a cooperation with the scandinavian countries, so that poipeople can meet up and play whenever traveling around. In a much bigger view we want to be one part in the construction a functional poi society, where you will be able to gather with other poipeople wherever you are going on this planet.

If you want to sign up for the convention and be a part of building a bigger poi society send us an e-mail to

Visit our homepage:

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Location: Vsters

hell yeah!!!

ill be there!

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The homepage has been updated with two more workshops.
Check it out =)

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Ile be there!

And so shall you all! biggrin


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Tickets are now available! =)

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Just signed up and what do i see a poi convention in my home town! smile

Offcourse, everything looks bad if you remember it...

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Location: Sweden

Ill be there, definietly! Living in the northern part of sweden with the polar bears(J/K) , you don't really have that many others who are interested in poi yet. There are some that do, of course...

I mean, my own pet polar bear is pretty good. At least he doesn't worry much about burns. He always takes a cold bath before... lol...

Anyhow, I'm extreamly hyped, I will bring as many as I can from northern part of sweden for sure... As many "interested" people I can anyways... I don't want to try to intimidate the hospitalised people tho, that might do them more harm then good...

Damn, need to go do some practice, need to be to be in top notch form, before getting there.. weavesmiley

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Location: sweden,stockholm.

i'll will most likely be there.
nothing is certain.

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hiya all, I am in Europe at the moment and will actually be in Sweden over the time of this.. will see how things go, but I'd love to meet some of you!
Does anything happen in Stockholm regularly? I have hoops and double staff to skill share with biggrin

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Location: Vsters

Tomorrow we will open the convention and on friday the workshops will begin

u sad people hwo wont show upp can have a look at

there will be loots of great worshops ( even nick woolsey will be there to give workshops and to preform)

its is still not too late to take a plane to Vsters and join the happy poi people of the far north!!!

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