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Posted:Ok im sorry if this thread has been done, but nothing came up under searches and the top 10 matches, so here goes.

do you keep seeing people who look like hoppers you've met, but know they cant be them. i keep seeing people who look like Mags(The Jedi) and Doug (JAC), so far i have seen 2 different Doug's and the same Mags twice, and i keep wanting to go and glomp them.....then realise its not them!!!

does anyone else have this problem??

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jemima (jem)
jemima (jem)

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Posted:have you seen this thread?

tis of a similar theme

I often see people about and think, ooh I wouldn't be surprised if that guy spins poi etc haven't really seen any specific hop-a-likes frown ubblol

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Posted:I see them all the time!

I have also seen a very convincing Mags..