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ok so i know that if you have lots of money you have always been able to buy your university degree .... but heres the thing, my mum does exam supervision and at one of the exams she was supervising one of the overseas students called her over asking for help because he wasnt able to read the instructions on the front cover ..... not he was having trouble with one of the words on there he simply couldnt understand the instructions on the front page end of story ..... i mean really wtf like seriously surely if your going to university in a country that speaks a different language you should atleast be required to be able to speak and read the language

*shakes head*

and while im ranting about the state of education this guy did his phd in "the importance of food and wine in the life of don dunston" (former premier) but i mean really how is that a phd topic, theres guys in the physics department shooting tiny sub atomic particles with lazers and doing cool really hard stuff and at the end of the day they both get the title of dr. i mean really wheres the incentive to do something hard and innovative??? its just not right /end rant

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I think just having a PhD shows that you are able to study and be committed to a subject for 3 - 4 years. It shows that you have a 'solid' knowledge about a particular subject and the ability to conduct research in a way that is applicable with current approaches and strategies. But I don't think it shows anyone that you are the 'world expert' in that job. If you were how could you ever have your material passed by your supervisor??

I have also noticed that most advertisements for scientists in Science journals expect that you have a PhD. And we are not talking about any glorified job here. These jobs are just research positions in government or private industry. They don't even pay 'that' well. However, you would need - at least in the jobs I have seen - an excellent understanding of 'how to' research and analyse your findings. - skills you do get from a PhD.

Secondly, to be considered an 'expert' in a subject you need to have been working intensely and at a high level on that subject for at least 10 years. This would have to include 'worldly experience' and industry experience.

I personally have also noticed that a lot of PhD students, < watch out : possible blanket statement > are students who have gone from school to uni, found they liked to be academic, so they continued through honours onto masters (possibly) or straight into a PhD. These guys haven't worked in the industry they have studying except at a 'student' level. A student is not an expert.

PhD is a start to your career as an expert, if you are a keen academic and want to continue I suggest you keep studying and become a 'Professor'. Professors mostly associated with education. However, if you are a bright academic student, why would your want to get into education? You can't be a professor without having a PhD and a lot of experience in the field. Often professors (based on the few I met at my uni – ok this is anecdotal evidence, and a very small sample size smile) have worked in their specialised area for many years, and also worked outside that area in industry and then have come back to education. Also seems to me in my experience you can't be a professor unless you are over the age of 50 wink. Thus, I believe that a professor can be considered to be a ‘world expert’.

All in all, I think PhD's can be useful contribution to society. However I strongly disbelieve that a person who has completed a PhD is then considered 'the-worlds-leading-expert-in-that-area' until they have worked for a company/government in that area for a number of years and applied their knowledge gained from their PhD, and is continuing further study.

- 2 cents

Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~


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