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Posted:As you can see, I have changed my moniker from trippyhippyslittlebuddy, an informative if not flowing name, to The Scientist...Which I also feel is a little naff...
So you lucky people get to help choose a name, because quite frankly I have neither the imagination or energy (02:28, yawn)...
[If you can keep them moderately clean, and perhaps reflecting a more attractive personality trait, I would be most appreciative!]
[If you don't know, or cannot deduce whether I have a particular trait, feel free to ask for an honest answer]
[Answer to Qu 1. err, round it up to, say, 9"...]

PS don't be too offended if I choose not to use the pseudonym of your choice...

[ 30. January 2003, 13:28: Message edited by: The Scientist (see THLB) ]

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