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Posted:I noticed there wasn't a big thread to just talk about anything continuously. Just any old stupid thing that doesn't warrant having its own full thread. So I HAVE MADE ONE.

Just talk about anything. This is probably the equivalent to the live chat but at least you can see what's been said beforehand.

Chimney biggrin


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Posted:I guess we need a start.

What's the weather like where you are because it is amazingly hot here in Scotland, very sunny and little wind. YAY, this happens once in a lifetime here.





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Posted:rolleyes need i say it ubblol


Posted:Exactly the same? I heard there was a bit of thunder and lightening down your way yesterday afternoon, am I right?


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Posted:Hi there Chimney

You can see this forum is very big, and has been around a long time, which means alot of topics have been discussed before.

You can find most threads using the search button inbetween 'main index' and 'my home'.

I've just had a search myself and could only find one other thread like this, which also got this talk aswell. I think many of these type of threads have been deleted.
They serve no real purpose and clog up bandwidth which Malcolm has to pay for!

Most banter like this can take place in the introduction section in yours, and others intro threads.



Posted:Fair dos. I couldn't find any either so thought it would be worth a go. Guess it's worth seeing what happens in a day or 2 then see it off.





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Posted:has any body seem the film he omen its sooooooo scary



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Posted:well i just noticed that the last two posters registered exactly 2 calendar months apart from each other....

but i haven't seen the omen...

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*wanders off*

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Posted:so i don't know when i will be online again...
today is my last day
i have said it before-there are 10 kinds of people in this world those that understand binary and those who don't
there were kilts everywhere last night and none on my bedroom floor-bastards
ex shoved me last night got a nice bruise...irony-i am supposed to testify on monday that he is not violent...Hehehehe

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