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Posted:Hi all,

It would be nice to make a list with all the Belgian hotspots where ppl come together to twirl or juggle.
I know there used to be gatherings in Terkamerenbos in Brussels (and I'm hoping they still exist)

Monday nights usually see some fire activity on the beach in Ostend during Vurige Maandagen (during July and August)

Hopefully somebody will help to identify some more Poi hotspots in Belgium

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new here and hope it's ok to revive this thread... can anyone update this? would love to go to an event, see some Poi Dancing, take classes, whathever, in belgium, so far havent found anything online..

someone told me there is a group at one of the university sites in bryssels that meets regularly but i dont know when and where.

there is an international circus festival in leuven next week , with a fire show that i'll try to go and see.


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great idea drago wink
I'm living in Limburg(Hoeselt) regularly and have been spinning for about 6 years orso, I managed to collect about 3 poiers phone numbers over the years and then did the unthinkable and lost my censored phone at a reggea fest :S
I'm almost always up for a spin tho, if your ever in the vicinity or vica verca and are up for it wink

I'll have a browse for the brussels story, I might make a weekend out of it if I find the right website smile

Thanks for the tip wink

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