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Posted:my uncle came back from overseas and he brought me back this eagle charm and ever since i got it i have been very lucky.
just wandering if any1 else has a lucky charm and do they believe that it is lucky.

i was so lucky i found a minty in the gutter on the way home from school

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Posted:My wife is my lucky charm...

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Posted:wereen't lucky charms a really rank breakfast cereal with marshmallows and disgusting corn based bits????

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Posted:"Special K"
now that is an awesome cereal....
but i got a lucky pair of jeans....
and a lucky clover....
i had it laminated so it would all ways stay green...
itis so's the first i've ever seen ever....

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fluffy napalm fairy

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Posted:C@ntus is my lucky charm

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Posted:I have a lucky monkey I try to take it every place i go.

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Posted:wierd and wonderful people of HOP i love you so, you always ammuse me,,, however i have no lucky charms to speak of i make my own luck and when im too scattered or drunk to do so, my pixie makes it for me...
love and sparks
happyhunting mythmitch

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