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Location: Columbia, MD
Member Since: 5th Jun 2005
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Posted:I live in Baltimore Maryland in USA. I see people spinnin fire all the time around these ways and I've seen a whole bunch glow stringing around this way. I was wonderin if any of those people are on this website. Any1 in the MD, VA, PA, DE area that are tryin to get together every once in a while and spin. It just kinda sux havin no one to spin with and being so ubsessed with spinnin, Just a thought. Maybe something very possible. Just post to this thread and maybe we can get something goin.

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Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2004
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Posted:A bunch of us were just up that way last weekend for Playa Del Fuego. You might want to try the "Meet Others" section here or check out one of the north east tribe.net groups: http://fireplay-foreplay.tribe.net/

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Location: Maryland
Member Since: 2nd Aug 2005
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Posted:Also, check out Calefaction and get on the mailing list. The give heads ups about spin jams and other events. I know that there are spin jams every Sunday at 2PM at a park in Baltimore, but I haven't been able to make it up there for one yet.

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Location: NYC, NY, USA
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Posted:It always seems that people ask about this right AFTER PDF.



Calefaction is great. Also, you can get on the Balt/Wash Burningman list. I don't know how but I'm sure that the Burningman website has info on that.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA - USA
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Posted:www.tribe.net is a good place for more US based stuff...

is ours.
is for PDF (bi-anual, just missed the spring session)

I'm going to Connecticut this weekend for Wildfire but that may be a bit far for you.

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