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Posted:I'm spending my summer in a house by the forest, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out some slack rope... I have a bit of money, but I am lacking in knowledge, and the internet is failing me a bit. Does anyone have any information on how, other than tying a chunk of rope to two trees, I could make a simple slack rope setup? I've been told that you can use rock climbing webbing, and if anyone knows anything about that that could be really helpful.

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Posted:There is a rope walker tribe on www.tribe.net

Other than that? You might try sending Eveish a PM.



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based in the uk smile

or http://www.slackline.com
in the states smile

If you do a search on google for slackline theres loads of info biggrin


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Posted:i recently bought a slackline from www.slacklineexpress.com

i bought their 50ft long primo kit. its real easy to put up and take down, but walking takes a good deal more practice smile

cheers, pete hug

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