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Posted:As the day of departure for a 12-18 month overseas trip aproaches, I need some advice.

1) Should I try to manage renting out a house myself or use a real estate agent.

2) I dont have the option of storing much stuff off site. Should I rent it out vacant by selling everything off before I go, or rent it furnished and hope stuff is there upon my return.

3) Assuming I find a woman in NZ and intend to settle in that country, is it better to move stuff from Australia to NZ, or sell up and buy new stuff when I know where I will end up living.

4) Should I start implementing these desisions straight away , or leave it to the last minute and risk being left with a pile of uncompleted tasks.

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Posted:if you're not going to be in the country i'm sure a real estate agent would make your life a lot easier, especially because if you rent it yourself you wont be able to do inspections to makesure stuff isnt broken.

i *believe* if you leave the furnishings you can charge slightly higher rental rates, and the real estate agent will do checks to make sure people are not stealing the furnature when they move out. If furnature is stolen, then the renter shouldnt get their bond back.

3. :shrugs: i'd say leave the funishing in your rental property, then if you find a girlie and settle down find out the prices and decide if its worth it then.

4.start NOW! except the 3third one, to impliment that now means to not impiment it no, if you get what i mean wink

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Posted:1. Rental Agent because you are going overseas. If you were moving around the However, a rental agent will also help set up accounts with repair men in case something happens while you are away. You need someone to make sure that the rent is paid and everything is legal and upkept on your behalf.

2. By selling it off, you will be able to either put the money into savings or use it on your trip...especially if you don't know if you are coming back.
Is your stuff worth keeping? Does it have high or sentimental value (at which point, do you want to trust others to keep it that way)? If not, then why would you keep it?

3. Ship the important stuff and buy the rest. When my friend moved from Japan the shipping on just regular boxes was pretty intense. Besides, if you are starting fresh with someone in a different country, get new stuff and complete it.

4. Do you really need an answer to this?umm

Good Luck!

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Posted:Leave anything you don't mind others using

An agent will manage the property while you're away. Just imagine a water pipe bursts in the attic, it's YOUR responsibility to fix it, the tennants can't get hold of you, it leaks for days and causes damage that the insurance won't cover because you didn't act reasonably or responsibly enough to ensure any maintenance could be carried out. You have more damage that you can afford to fix yourself and probably a law suit from the tennants due to your lack of reaction to their problems. It's a worst case scenario but not out of the realms of reality.

The rental agents would be well worth the 50 a month or so they'd charge you to look after the property, especially as you could just tag that onto the rent price anyway shrug

As for moving stuff to NZ, it depends on how much you treasure it really. If it's worth the shipping cost (in money value or sentimental value) then ship it, if not sell it

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