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Posted:can any one give some vids of walking globe stuff?
or page that lists differnt types of tricks and such.
it would be greatly apperaited by me.
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Posted:Walk backwards to go forwards.

Barefeet or socks work if you don't have grip shoes.

Wipe the ball and your feet before mounting. Anything between them effects your grip.

Use a spotter.

Medium sized balls (for me) works best, but I don't know why.

Practice balancing in one place before walking. When you feel it start to go, hop off instead of falling with it...which usually makes you go butt over teacup.

Once you learn to balance you can do stuff like fit through a small hoop on it and such. Then when you get walking down you can walk and juggle, etc.

I also found practicing on grass to be better than practicing on harder ground. It wears less on the ball, and on the body as you fall off. wink

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Posted:no videos but lots of info

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