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DurbsBRONZE Member
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Just got into Aukland - but won't be here tomorrow, so that doesn't really help...

We'll be spending about a week on the north island, then heading to the South for about 2 weeks (hopefully for a bit of skiiing) then back to the North for another week ubblol

A little rushed, and not enough time I'm sure to even scratch the surface of NZ, but hopefully will manage to squeeze in some spinning and hopefully make pilgramage to Home of Poi itself! (I need some more wick...)

So - erm, who meets where, when and what for? biggrin
I gather from our free "Welcome to NZ" magazine there's a Winter solstice fest in Hawkes bay? Might be able to make that...

Those quantine beagles are soooo cute smile

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godavidsonBRONZE Member
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hi. If you are in Wellington on a Tuesday evening and the rain or wind is absent then there are still some keen beans that play fire at Frank Kitts Park on the waterfront. biggrin Basically a free for all. Feel free to send me a message


Tuesday, Frank Kitts Park, Wgtn

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