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Location: Frankfurt
Member Since: 8th Oct 2005
Total posts: 37
Posted:I am curious, how long did you play Poi or Staff before your first burn?

I am playing Poi for a few months now (or about a year) and I still feel like a total newb. I absolutely dont' feel comfortable with the idea of lighting up my Poi right now. (Even if I owned Fire Poi). I know that I want to light'em up one day, but that's still in the future.

So I want to know how long did it take you? Did you just start off and played with fire from the beginning? Or did you take your time? How did you feel about it?

Thanks for your insights! hug

I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy every minute of it.


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: in the trees
Member Since: 31st Dec 2004
Total posts: 7193
Posted:it's inevitable you will burn yourself or singe some hair at some point. i singe my hair more often but i now tend to wear a hat so that gets singed and not my hair ubblol


Friendly Fire Fiddler
Location: Munich
Member Since: 21st Dec 2005
Total posts: 103
Posted:About 3 and a half months.

The Cambodian girl who showed me some first moves and the gear recommended 3 months before lighting up. Backhome, I built some tennisball poi and after half a year of them lying in the cupboard I seriously started practising and learned the basic moves, indoors over winter.

I lit up first time in April and played all moves I knew on the very first burn, including turns, fountain, buzzaw, flower and even my crocked btb weave.

Playing with a hood-Sweatshirt protects you well against the flame and its THE SOUND that is addicting as much as the view ...

Dont leave it for too long and no need to build up sweat ...


Location: Free falling through time
Member Since: 9th Feb 2005
Total posts: 1207
Posted:I was spinning for about 3 weeks before I lit up. I was, however, being taught by a proffesional group of fire jugglers (flame) in that time, but did my first burn at home with somewhat nervous parents looking on from the balcony above.

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Empirically random...
Location: Lincoln
Member Since: 16th May 2006
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Posted:I was about the same, rushed it a little but didnt try anything stupid.
your obvously starting to get the itch so why not light up and just spin forwards or weave to break the initial barrier.
its a great experiance the first time, even if you dont do anything much, just have someone nearby just in case, and then at least you know what to expect.

Oh and dont light your glow balls, doubley dangerous to the southern area! biggrin - eek - censored - help - redface

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Location: Frankfurt
Member Since: 8th Oct 2005
Total posts: 37

ubblol Don't worry I certainly won't light the led glow balls *g* they are pretty enough without adding fire wink

And actually right now I'm not to keen on playing with fire. Don'nt know how to explain... hmmm

But I LUV hearing about your experiences ^_^

As for now I'll stick to my pink fluffys - I dig those tongue

I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy every minute of it.


Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Posted:2 hrs devil and I whacked myself badly

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


Magic Monkey Juice
Location: Saaf Ingerland Innet
Member Since: 21st May 2009
Total posts: 252
Posted:I want to start spinning fire. Have only really been spinning propperly for about 4 months, but feel I'm confident enough to spin the basics smile

Also, I'm lucky enough to know a couple more experienced spinners who have used fire a lot, so if they are willing, will definitely do it under their supervision smile

It's interesting to see other peoples experiences, and how quickly you lot got into it.

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Elusive and Bearded
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Member Since: 2nd May 2007
Total posts: 3597
Posted:i practiced with my 6 foot broom stick for about a months before i built my first fire staff. Once my fire staff was built it was hard to not burn it, about a day after i had built it i did my first burn, using ronsonal...zippo fluid...it was a pretty weak burn and flames didn't last long.

it was a couple weeks after that that i got to use Citronella oil and did a real burn. I was surprised how comfortable i was with the fire...doing just about all the contact tricks i knew at that point.


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Unofficial Chairperson of Squirrel Defense League
Location: South Africa
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2007
Total posts: 4061

I started spinning in July/August 2006. My first firespin was early February 2007.

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Location: augusta, georgia, united state...
Member Since: 20th Apr 2009
Total posts: 58
Posted:ive been been spining for a little over 3 months now and my first time lighting up was last sunday! my troupe said as long i was comfortable and i was pretty confident that i could spin my moves without catching my self on fire... the only to 2 things that surprised me was how pretty the flame was, for a sec i just wanted to spin the same circle and watch the pretty flame lol...and the second was when i went into stalls the flames got a litlle bigger, other than that it was great smile imready to light again because i can't remember to much from the first time because i was so excited smile AND THE SOUND IS AMAZING!!!

Sir Nuggit II
Sir Nuggit II

The sequel
Location: South London
Member Since: 4th Jul 2009
Total posts: 26
Posted:Hmmm, about a year for poi but that was more a case of me wanting to be any good more than anything. But staff, I was carrying a fellow HoPPer's staff to the spinning point and was just playing with it - by the time we got in to location I was a pro (well, not literally) so (under supervision) I practiced with fire - what a rush.

After recently returning from some time off, I'm going to try and get to a high enough standard again so I can then pick up another set of chains and maybe even a staff wink

I think it's all about "YOU" and when "YOU'RE" ready. And it's always good to have great people around you for the first few times, for safety and confidence.

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Location: Bouncing off the walls.
Member Since: 5th Jan 2006
Total posts: 756
Posted:I think I'd been spinning poi about two months before I lit up- with a few friends who were also spinning fire. Didn't try much though, just the few moves I really had down..

I did have one drunken attempt at staff (first amd pretty well only time I've picked one up I reckon) a couple of weeks later though, which probably wasn't a good idea.


If that's okay with you?


Location: SouthDakota, USA
Member Since: 27th Jan 2009
Total posts: 324
Posted:I have been spinning for about 3 years but took a break for about a year. I still haven't lit up though. I'm still not quite comfortable with the thought of fire whizzibg all around me. I think once I get more time to practice it won't take long for me to get a set.

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Member Since: 8th Jul 2009
Total posts: 4
Posted:This might sound stupid but i spun for about 2 months before my first burn. But i did spin every day for those couple months, so i was comfortable with the few tricks i attempted.


life's a garden, dig it
Location: Tennesse, U.S.A.
Member Since: 20th Feb 2008
Total posts: 115
Posted:I waited a year before my first burn. kinda like meditating to prolong an orgasm. WORTH IT.



Member Since: 4th Jul 2009
Total posts: 4
Posted:About six months, Then I made my friend come out and watch me and promise to put me out if I lit myself on fire. That seems like a long time ago,

Location: Ontario, Canada, Toronto
Member Since: 9th Jul 2009
Total posts: 22
Posted:this sounds dumb to but i waited 3 weeks, and i only had one week of solid everyday pratice, i wasent even expecting to spin and this was actully just tuesday night lol but my friend just handed me the staff and said i know you can do it and i was confident enough, i did 5 burns that night and didnt burn myself once, only dropped it like 2 times and i have to say it is amazing and very much so ADDICTING grin

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Mission: Ignition
Location: Central New Jersey
Member Since: 7th Nov 2004
Total posts: 534
Posted:I lit up when I was ready. That's always a safe answer, it took me about 6 months to fully understand what I was doing. I've known fast learners whos first burn was within 2 months. Go with what makes you comfortable. Its hard to find someone professional to spot you, its like breaking the first rule of fight club.

Don't mind me, just passing through.

Rich Alexander
Rich Alexander

Location: Washingon State
Member Since: 21st Jul 2009
Total posts: 5
Posted:I lit my friends poi about 1.5 months after started, just doing moves that i felt comfortable with. I wanted to try it because it was a entirely different experience from LED or sock, the sound is beautiful.

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Pyromancer extraordinair
Location: Netherlands
Member Since: 19th Jun 2009
Total posts: 88
Posted:GOds, all these sensible people...

My first fire was with a workshop. They where clubs and we learned some simple tricks during the day and had some practice with firebreathing. That night we lit up and I felt such a rush, the fire, the twirling, the breathing... it was grand.

So next I branched out to the staff, I spun it for about 2 or three weeks before lighting up. (true I have had some history with staff fighting, so I wasn't a compleet NooB.

My poi where even more crazy, I bought them, did some simple excersizes and lit up the same night... True I could only do a simple weave, a butterfly and some other simple things. But when you think of it, they aren't so different from clubs. and with those I had a few years of practice. Not to mention the experience with live fire ;-)

On a side note, I wouldn't advice people to do the same. So far I haven't been burned a single time, but men, if one of those first times had gone wrong....

What is life, without a little risk!


Location: Guanajuato, Mxico
Member Since: 18th Apr 2007
Total posts: 79
Posted:about a moth after i started spinning..
but that's just because i didn't have the right material to burn
I light my fire poi right after building them.
I've never gotten burned, but i startted learning really slow, since I was too cautios

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