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Posted:Hi Everyone,

I'm currently considering taking St John's Wort as a remedy/support for depressed mood/anxiety.
After going into a couple of 'health food stores' (those places that sell nutritonal supplements, e.g. Holland and Barrett, GNC) and being frankly alarmed at how little information the labels give and how ignorant the staff are!!! I have done an internet search to find a fair bit of the info is studies commissioned by vitamin companies....

So what I would like to know is:

Is anyone happy to share their experiences/advice of taking St John's Wort/Hypericum? Do you consider it effective? Side effects? How long did you take it for etc...

Cheers everyone wink

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Posted:Tim, I agree. Alot of people dont!
I have really strong spiritual beliefs, and in the darkest times, these are what pull me through, not medication! hug

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