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Posted:ok just post 20 thing that are random about yourself

1. i like drawing tattoo designs

2. i want to be a part time tattoist when i leave school (while at uni)

3. i love snakes

4. i wear alot of black but am not a goth

5. i like to dye my hair

6. my favourite band is blink 182

7. i have been to 4 continents and over 10 countrys

8. i hate the taste of milk

9. i sometimes eat ceral for lunch and dinner

10. i like to eat broccoli raw

11. i paint my left thumb nail black and white checker

12. i play bass and am in a band

13. i love snowboarding

14. i also love skateboarding

15. i have broken to many bones to mention

16. i have had an 240v electric shocks 5 times

17. i am going to a wedding in november

18. i have an ipod and love them

19. i love thrill rides like the giant drop and the cyclone and just last weekend i went on the slingshot

20. i might be going to america for 12-18 months in a couple of years

well i got there smile

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:1) I have a smiley face drawn by a 7-year-old on my right forearm right now.
2) I think Mike's Hard Lemonade is the best bottled alcoholic beverage EVER.
3) I think Mike's Hard Berry is the nastiest non-beer bottled alcoholic beverage EVER.
4) I think beer is really the world's most vile substance that is not actually a waste product.
5) I really am not that into alcohol.
6) I think Bill Cosby is one of the most brilliant men ever born.
7) I'd rather spend an hour with five 10-year-old boys than an hour with another adult.
8) I'd rather have a conversation about molecular biology than a conversation about sports.
9) I can swim 50 meters underwater without coming up for air. When I was 14, I swam 63 meters underwater (including two underwater turns) without coming up for air.
10) My favorite non-dessert food is sushi
11) I'm naked right now. (What? I'm alone in my apartment!)
12) I think Anderson Cooper is the hottest living man in the world. (Ryan Carnes is more physically beautiful...but he's not an anchor on CNN).
13) Bee stings don't typically hurt me that much other than a minor annoyance.
14) Wasp stings are a different thing entirely...
15) I hate zucchini and won't eat it in any way, shape, or form...except tempura.
16) I've eaten a bug...intentionally (A witchetty grub in the Outback)
17) I am no longer bothered by the sound of shrieking babies.
18) I seldom complain of being too cold...but I very easily complain of being too hot.
19) 95% of the time I can point within 45 of due north on command. Unless
20) If you see me with my iPod headphones in my ears, I'm as likely to be listening to a lecture by Stephen Hawking or a talking book by Arthur C. Clarke as I am to be listening to music.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:1) I am claustrophobic
2) I work in mining
3) my engagement ring is aircraft-grade titanium
4) I did my PhD on Mt St Helens
5) I've not gotten over the death of my dog yet
6) I get insanely jealous of my partner's ex of 10 years ago
7) I worry about stuff I did 15 years ago
8) I have insomnia
9) I will not drive utes
10) I'm $440,000 in debt on my properties
11) I skinned and tanned a squirrel when I was 13
12) I have an ambition to be a comic-book penciller
13) I busted a metacarpel snowboarding, which precludes 12 because of the pain when I use a pencil
14) I know the difference between a 2 and 4 stroke diesel engine
15) but not a petrol one (apparently they're different)
16) cars always give me electric shocks
17) I'm a secret fan of Neigbours and any trash-mag I can get hold of
18) I hate the colour my finace painted the lounge, but as I bashed down the bathroom wall without telling him I don't feel like I can complain
19) The site of someone eating with their mouth open makes me physically retch
20) I still have a security blanket

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.




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Posted:Ok, I'll try...

1. I find these things difficult.
2. I look older than I am.
3. I act older than I am.
4. I love music.
5. I love art.
6. I had my lips 'stitched up' for a photo shoot last week.
7. I like to smile.
8. My hair constantly has many colours in it.
9. I dyed it for the millionth time 2 days ago.
10. I like to wear my hair in a mo-hawk.
11. I have been absent from HoP for a while.
12. I'm back now.
13. I'm leaving again soon for a week.
14. I think converse allstars are God's gift to shoes.
15. I like black clothing.
16. I have stretchings.
17. I have a golf tee in one of my stretchings.
18. Like piercings.
19. Roller hockey /Ice hockey is the best sport ever invented
20. I'm basically permanently injured..

That was easier than I expected...

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Posted:1. my jeep cherokee is named stella

2. i love the mountains

3. i don't like to use capital letters

4. i've had 3 stepmom's, an ex step brother and sister, 5 half brothers and sisters, and 2 adopted sisters.

5. i don't eat animals except fish sometimes

6. i like to play star wars video games

7. i like to snowboard on fresh powder in the woods on the side of mountains

8. i like to grow things

9. i don't like politics

10. i want to live on an invite only island

11. my best friends name is sunjay bhandari and he moved to texas

12. i'm pretty good at chess

13. i like to dance like no ones watching

14. i wish people lived in tree-houses and used hangliders instead of cars

15. i believe in energy fields

16. i have a tatoo of the tree of life on my back left shoulder

17. my hair goes down to the middle of my back

18. the last concert i was at was sound tribe sector nine

19. i like buddism, consciousness and the holographic theory

20. i think music has healing powers and can unite people


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Posted:1: Im listening to my Evanescence Album (MY Last Breath Track 10)

2: I like olives

3: My boyfriends name is Ray

4: I dont like my boyfriends name lol

5: Theres only one thing worse than cold tea, ands thats... too rude to mention on a pg board (pm me for details ubblol)

6: I need new trainers

7: My first word was Golfballs

8: Piercings gross me out

9: I have a crush on a hopper lol

10: My favoureite colour is Purple

11: I like everything that has anything at all to do with the word aquarius

12: When I was in year 2 of primary school I was running to dinner and I ran right into Kenneth Hecker, it hurt alot frown we both cried

13: I drink loads of tea

14: I wish I had a birth mark

15: Im a huge romantic at heart

16: My mobile is on the o2 network

17: I think Marilyn Monroe was a bad actress, and nothing speacial

18: I hate spiders!!!

19: I love pigeons *coo*

20 My first pet was a cat called Tessa, a friend of my dads ran her over and handed her too me one day.

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Posted:1. I am the epitome of a true gemini!
2. I think I am blonde naturally, but I have died my hair so many times and it hasn't been it's natural colour for such a long time that I am just not sure.
3. I have seven piercings and but am wanting 13 just don't know where to put the rest yet!
4. I like learning new languages
5. I have moved house 20 times in my 26 years of life.
6. I was born on a black friday at five minutes to midnight (and yes that does mean I am jinxed!)
7. As loud and obnoxious as I appear to be I am actually extremely shy and scared of people in general.
8. I love to read books, copious amounts of books, a book a day sort of thing.
9. I am obsessed with Pandas!
10. I have almost died once from an allergic reaction to a medication I was given by a doctor.
11. I have a stuffed toy panda that goes with me to every destination, it has been with me all the time!
12. I hate seeing people and animals suffering.
13. I may act all big and tough but I am really just a BIG softie.
14. I have one sister who lives on the other side of Australia to where I normally live.
15. I have smoked since I was 13 (so that is 13 years now) and my parents still don't know and I am too scared to tell them!
16. I have all the bones in my body but some of them are int he wrong place.
17. I have been in hospital for 13 operations so far in my life however, I have been admitted to hospital so many times that I have lost count.
18. I am get aggressive in crowds not because I am angry but because I am scared of being in crowded places. (So I am not good to go shopping with!)
19. I have always dreamed of being a famous writer.
20. My eyes tend to change colour with my moods.


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Posted:hmm.. there are a few too many random things about me, I'm not sure where to start..

1. I have a full tight wire rig in my garden -It used to be in my living room until I moved in with non-circus ppl
2. odd socks and stripes make me happy
3. I am allergic to cats, and Caffein
4. I'm vegetarian
5. before joining the circus, I used to be a postie
6. I ride a motorbike
7. I play Celtic music on a 120 yr old roundback mandolin
8. I don't like make up
9. Earl grey tea is one of lifes simple pleasures
10. If I have bad dreams, the following night I sleep upside-down, or accorss the bed, so that I don't re-dream things
11. My favourite film is "Amelie" and any films with stories of slightly strange people
12 I'm a scorpio
13. fushia pink is a great colour
14. I rarely drink, but when i do, guinness is the goods
15. my perfect world is woodford folk festival, or the national folk festival.. why can't I live at festivals all the time?
16. my hair is red, curly and I can sit on it
17. I was a tom boy as a kid
18. I have crossed Australia 5 times already this year - and Aus is a big country! (once was by road and that took 6 days)
19. I got up at 9:30 thismorning
20. I love boys in red. oooh and bowler hats.. thier yummy

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Posted:Okey dokey...

1- My ankle still hurts.
2- I make a really good spicy potato soup.
3- I get depressed about the effect of supermarkets and aggressive expansionist chain stores on UK high streets.
4- I once ate a live moth for fun. It was fluttery but tasted ok.
5- I stopped biting my nails for a while but decided they are impractical and annoying so I bit them off again.
6- I have an electric bread maker which I named Dora.
7- I tend to make snap judgements about people and then refuse to act according to the opinion I have formed as it is unfair.
8- I feel doomed to mediocrity.
9- I am taking a break from trying to decide where to take Liz on holiday. Lake Constance or Vienna seem likely.
10- I do not call people as much as I should. I feel like I have nothing to say that anyone will be interested in.
11- We watched "I ((loveheart)) Huckabee's" last night. I thought it was nicely put together and effective.
12- I have very large hair, but mousse is proving effective.
13- I miss my friends sometimes.
14- I get obsessive over spelling.
15- I really like the hot chocolate you can get in the cafes in Zagreb.
16- I am 26 and my birthday is in january.
17- I like to drink, but only good booze. I have standards.
18- I just looked back through this post to see how many of my entries started with "I".
19- Oysters remind me of something that I don't want to put in my mouth.
20- I have to go pee now.


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Posted:ooh, this sounds fun. ummm....

1- i have to eat m&ms in even numbers
2- i love shiny things, especially silver stuff
3- i hate gold
4- i watch way too much tv
5- i met my husband at burger king. romantic, huh?
6- i love toast!
7- iv'e got a "thing" for Salma Hayek
8- i used to be a vegetarian
9- this is hard
10- i want to visit greece before i die
11- i play the flute and piccolo
12- my siamese kitty is named Arwen
13- my kitty also fetches (she thinks she is a dog)
14- i like rats, they make great pets
15- i will eat anything with cream sauce
16- i love the harry potter books
17- i like puzzles
18- i love to laugh about stupid things
19- i hate politicians
20- i love HoP!

wheew! that was hard!

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Mr Majestik

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Posted:1. i find stoned people saying things like "buttah, militant margarine and purple dye hilarious
2. i am neither a ninjah, nor a pirate, yet wink
3. i am unemployed
4. i was the only person to turn up to firetwirling on tuesday frown
5. this is cause it was bloody freezing and i was the only person silly enough
6. i have a scruff, his name is dozer and he is the cutest dog in the world.
7. he doesnt always listen to me
8. the house i live in is a perpetual mess
9. and i really should trim the hedges
10. i'm starting to run out of things to say
11. i'm going out to a "smart casual" event tonight, and i'm neither smart nor casual tongue
12. i was once 12.
13. i dont believe thirteen to be unlucky
14. i have a brother
15. i dont ride my unicycle enough
16. the most constructive thing i've done today is wash up, and shower.
17. i'm..............STILL unemployed
18. sometimes dozer takes me for a walk to get me out of the house.
19. when nobody is watching, i prefer girls.
20. i spend way to much time on HoP
21. i'm bad at counting

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Posted:This is really hard, and i'm suprised how many people have the same things as me:

1. I hate mushrooms and get fed up with people teasing me about it.

2. I swear i used to be a magpie in a former life due to my obsession with glittery, sparkly things

3. i too, like medusa are obsessed with panda's. My favourite stuffed one, i've had since i was four and he now wears a sequinned colour to stop his head falling off

4. I have blown up a milkfloat

5. I have driven over the said milkfloat in a tank

6. I hate my job, but am too scared to find another one as that might involve actually working

7. I love entertaining and cooking for people. I like to impress.

8. I wish that my sentances would come out in the right order and not offend people when i didn't mean to. I feel like such a twat sometimes

9. I have a scar on my wrist and people always think i tried to kill myself.

10. I wanted to be a forensic pathologist and still do.

11. My favourite pastime is just "hanging out" with my beau.

12. I am stupidly organised and lists are my friends.

13. I want a red wedding dress

14. I hate photos of me, but love taking photos of other people

15. I have been on page 3 of the sun

16. I want to visit the Moulin Rouge in Paris

17. I kid myself that i'm a "happy fatty"

18. when i'm feeling low, the only thing that fixes me is pizza and cheesy chips

19. I hate conflict.

20. arse, i thought i had 20.



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Posted:Ok here goes:
1) im ginger
2)i have 2 tattoos and want more
3) i have 12 piercings
4)i want to learn to pierce and make a living from it
5)im a nurse
6) i love the barman at my local in a vey sad way
7)i working nights at the mo
8)im living in sydney not england and miss my family
9)im going to watch the england match on sat in canberra
10)im throwing a sickie 2moro to go to the pub with my friends
11) i think im drinking too much
12) a piece of my heart has been thrown away forever
13)im a nimphomaniac
14)i have an empty room in my flat which i need to rent because i cant afford to live properly now.
15)i have 2 dogs at home called rocky and sophie
16)i've been slack at work tonight
17)i just spent a 3 hour break talking to someone beautiful...about his girlfriend
18) i would like boy in 17 to finish with his girlfriend because hes unhappy.
19)i cant cook pancakes - even from ready mixed bottles
20) im addicted to orange fanta

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1. I'm currently writing this instead of working.
2. When I was 18 I wanted to be a nun.
3. It really annoys me when I read spelling/grammar errors... Ergo, the internet often gives me the s**ts.
4. I have a superhero alter ego known as Loey the Wonder Lesbian - hence the avatar...
5. I'm the youngest of 6 kids.
6. I learnt poi to help me dance.. I can dance now, but I'm still really bad at poi.
7. I had a goldfish, but it died.
8. I once participated in a fashion parade, wearing cargo pants with a visible gstring. *insert shudder here*
9. I've been fired twice in the past 12 months.
10. I fell in love for the first time 2 months ago.
11. I'm an Aquarius, and most of the important people in my life are Aquarians or Saggitarians.
12. I am often forced to have arguments about how Aquarians are, in fact, not water signs, but air signs.
13. I live above a pawn shop with two other people, but no one is quite sure who lives there at any given point in time.
14. I'm getting a tattoo soon.
15. My girlfriend has been banned by her mum from getting her tounge pierced again.
16. I got out of bed on time this morning. (This is noteworthy because it never happens.)
17. I like drinking Coke when I'm stoned.
18. I have holes in the bottom of my shoes and its raining.
19. My parents think I am cursed by witches.
20. My favourite movie is Amelie.

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Posted: Written by: Dixie

1- My ankle still hurts.

From Falmouth I'm presuming!?
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Posted:Here we go:

1 - I'm been picking my teeth with a SMART Fix-a-button
2- I should be revising EPL, Hoare logic and Languages
3- When I was 2 I could bowl off spin proficiently
4- I've broken my right collar bone more times than I care to remember
5- I'm getting married to Nick in 2009
6- I love throwing frisbees around
7- My current favourite band are MeWithoutYou
8- I'm a huge Discworld fan and own first editions of the past 8 books
9- My prized possesion is locked inside an oak chest sat on my shelf
10- I don't speak to my parents nearly enough
11- I own a Dean Platimum Flying V and play blues on it.
12- The heads inside my poi are bloody expensive
13- I'm a secret geek
14- My friends at home call me "an undercover gay man"
15- Except for the ones who call me "daddy Dan"
16- I spend too much money on LARP games
17- I tend to chew on pieces of metal when I'm bored
18- I'm horrendously insecure about my knees and the dent in my chest
19- I'm going to be working in London this summer
20- I've been a furry for 11 years

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Posted:hmmm, lets try this:

1) i'm fat
2)i have a tattoo that says 'variety is the spice of life' on my left leg
3)i'm bisexual
4)i should really be working right now
5)i love rats
6)i am the only person i know who spent 8 days in hospital after crashing my scooter
7)i'm quitting my bar job this weekend
8)my favourite drink is cider
9)i am a scout leader
10)i'm trying to grow a beard
11)i've hadmany interesting hairstyles including mohawks, jigsaw puzzles and tramlines
12)i'm 540 into my overdraft and i only got paid last week
13)i'm addicted to ebay
14)i love jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas
15)i think this quiz is really hard
16)if i dont finish my nvq by next month i'll lose my job
17)i have extremely smelly feet
18)i fancy one of my lesbian friends (well, actually a few of them)
19)i don't get on with my parents
20)i just farted!

jesus that was hard!

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Posted:1. My brother has lived in Japan for 11 years
2. I had my ears pinned back when I was 9
3. Mushrooms make me puke
4. So does Tequilla
5. I failed my History ALevel first time around
6. I still lie to my Mum about my finances ( redface )
7. I drink a lot of tea
8. Im a few days into a new temp job and Im already wasting time on HoP
9. Im rubbish at keeping in touch with my non-Hop friends
10. My bra size used to be 34C. I miss my C cup boobs
11. I get scared spinning fire
12. My eye prescription is Right eye 5.00 and Left eye 5.75
13. I love nitrous
14. Im crap at making important decisions, and always ask advice from friends
15. I have my belly button pierced
16. I had an accident as a kid and nearly lost 2 fingers on my right hand
17. Going home in 10 mins!!! . Got up at 5.30 today am sleeeeeeeepy
18. Im going on a date on Wednesday
19. I really need to wash my hair
20. I like hugs

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Posted:1. I have abnormally large feet (size 10 eek)

2. I'm a very fussy eater

3 I smoke too much

4. You can say "The sun's out!" and I'm likey to burn, get sunstroke, then faint ubblol

5. I went on tour to America when I was 13 with the East Sussex girls choir

6. My hips click all the time

7. I have a deformed left pupil, and my eyes are different colours

8. When I was 16 I was seeing a bloke who was 26, who had a 3 year old son eek redface ubblol

9. My dog once peed on the carpet, and the stain looked liek a hand doing the w@nker sign

10. My middle name is Catherine

11. I had short hair all through-out my childhood

12. My bedroom is bright yellow

13. I wish I was a caterplilla

14. I use the word 'like' too much in conversation

15. I'm scared of using buses

16. I once wore a head brace

17. I only lie to my mummy about one thing

18. I smoke too much unmentionable stuff (see above)

19. My middle bit it all fat and splodgey, but from the elbows and knees down im skinny

20. I'm afriad on sirens



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Posted:There's only two of the above that I didn't know.

Badass. biggrin

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Posted:Really?! ubblol
Which two?



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Posted:* My first car was a Morris Minor
* I don't live in the UK
* I cooked Thai food last night
* I enjoy farting
* My wife doesn't enjoy my farting
* I have lived with 1/2 mile of current home for 95% of my life
* I have been on a commercial flight only once.
* I don't dance - it embarasses me
* I don't watch people who do dance - it embarasses me
* I used to remove donor eyes from dead people
* I am addicted to Tabasco Sauce
* I'm deathly allergic to shrimp, lobster, and crab
* I love the sound of a spinning firestaff
* Last time I was puking drunk was New Year's Eve 1980
* I love warm weather - above 90F (30C)
* I hate cold weather - below 70F (20C)
* I'm betting you won't count to see if there are 20 items here

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Posted:Ha! 17 random facts there!! ubblol
Yep bored at work...


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Posted:1. I'm pregnant (one month to go!)
2. I'm vegetarian.
3. I'm half Belgian half Moroccan. (that's why I look Brazillian)
4. When I'm angry at someone, I just ignore them. (I haven't spoken to my mother in ten years)
5. I own a house in Bulgaria. (hope to turn it into a hostel)
6. I hitchhiked half the world (been to fifty countries).
7. I've sailed the Atlantic Ocean. (from South-Africa to Brazil)
8. My father lives in Ghana.
9. My favourite band is Smoke City.
10. My favourite author is James A. Michener.
11. My favourite animal is the killer whale (orca).
12. My favourite food is pancakes (with hot chocolate sauce).
13. My favourite country is New Zealand.
14. I've twice done a parachute jump. (the second time, I landed in a tree)
15. I hate olives.
16. I'm a teacher.
17. is my favourite number.
18. My current boyfriend is not the father. redface (yes, he knows)
19. I'm a cancer-sagitarius(rising sun)-scorpio(moon)-tiger(chinese).
20. I'd like to go up in a hot air balloon.

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Posted:1) My name is rick
2)It is my birthday today
3)I am 17
4) I play guitar
5)I started Poi 5days ago
6)My [censored]'s keep aching every so often because of learning the reverse 5beat weave. oww.
7)I am in my 'industries' lesson at Runshaw College, Leyland.
8) I am trying to stream music through the internet but the college filters dislike it
9) I love Pearl Jam
10)My friend bought me some pink headphones for my birthday
11) I need to buy some proper poi instead of my home made masterpieces
12) I used to frequently only have apoo every 5days or so, but now they're more regular.
13) The T'shirt I am wearing is tighter than yours
14) I want to play the drums
15) I want to be able to dance and not look/feel like a twatr whilst doing it
16) there is a girl in my class who is a bitchy childish whore with a really annoying voice who I can hear pseakign right now. It's not theraputic.
17) I am obsessed With Volkswagen Beetles, & campers
18) Mine will be green or cream, or green and cream!
19) I have lots of work outstanding but yet I am on this feckin' forum!
20) I do 20press ups and 50sit ups a morning. Not much but ya' know.
21) Sorry, I like breaking rules/not following what people say.
22) I like to be free.


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Posted:1) My first car was totaled, when someone hit me 4 hours after I took ownership.
2) I like watching storms.
3) I'm a music junkie when it comes to Country and Pop Music from the 50's and 70's.
4) I love ballroom dancing.
5) I don't know the first thing about bellydancing, though people think that I do.
6) I've played the guitar and lead singing in church for over 15 years (not doing it now though).
7) I have an addictive personallity.
8) I'm a water baby.
9) I wish I had more time to spend on playing my musical instruments.
10) The last two years have been very long.
11) My Grandpa was the person who gave me the name of Gidg.
12) I love cooking but not cleaning.
13) I'm thinking about going to the Fairy Fair.
14) I've only won two things in my life, that I remember. A dishwasher when I was 8 and a bike when I was 43.
15) I've never broken any bones.
16) People in my family think that I have too many dragons.
17) I like to collect dragons, fairies and angels.
18) I don't like cats but they like me.
19) I don't go camping half as much as I want oo.
20) I'm not a morning person.

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Posted:*la dum*

1) I've only been to england twice and both times i was passing through.
2) thats a lie. i went to the donington festival once, i just temporarily forgot
3) i have a super bad memory. like. SERIOUSLY.
4) I have a full head of dreads!
5) i have some that are 3 days old, some 3 weeks old, some 5 weeks old, and one 3 months and 3 weeks old!
6) i named my first dread nat
7) i never named my staff (and now hes gone *blubber*)
8) i used to have fights with my next door neighbour, we'd throw snails and rotten potatoes over the garden wall at each other
9) im going to see tool on sunday!
10) i was going to make my next trip a return to oz, but am now thinking perhaps europe..
11) my favourite vegetable is carrot. but i cant stand it any other way than raw.
12) my first tattoo will be a dragon
13) i still havent found the perfect dragon design
14) i love dancing!
15) if i didnt have such a bad memory id be embarrassed about a lot more things
16) i hate it when im reminded about embarrassing things i forgot about
17) smoke and swirling water fascinate me, i could watch a river or smoke bursting into sunshine forever
18) it always lands butter side up for me...
19) i make a damn good carrot cake
20)i believe in faeries!

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Posted:1. i have a horrible habit of letting people know that drawing tattoos and being a tattoist are linked and therefore cant really be classed as two random things.
2.i like cheese
3.i have a 37yr old teddy bear that has been re-furred three times
4.i can drive a tractor thumb is currently bandaged
6.i still have my pyjamas on because im on holiday and i can
7.i can see nothing but trees and open field if i look out my back window.
8.i drive through clouds every morning to get to work (when im not home in my pyjamas) hair is black (to hide the grey)
10. i think my niece and nephew rock
11.i dont like dolphins
12. my only phobia in the known world is garden gnomes (seriously)
13.i like old skool goth, clothes/music/clubscene, but am not goth (at least thats what i tell everybody, they never believe it though, so i guess i look goth whatever that is these days)
14.i have posted four different messages today, none ever before.
15.i'm currently landscaping my parents front yard
16.i like to cook but i'm not a big fan of eating.
17.i have long eyelashes that look false if i put mascara on them.
18.i'm about to have a nice hot bath favourite comedian is ross noble
20.i have visitors coming up the driveway so i guess the bath isnt happening.

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Posted:1. I like graemlins biggrin
2. I have a pacemaker (put in at age 14) angel
3. Spent a total of 2 weeks outside Queensland wow
4. Like fire!!! devil
5. Had 3 cars in my life - 2 ritten off by mates (no longer mates censored)
6. Never seen snow frown
7. Use to be a clown (Still scares Gita with that thought) hehehehe ubbloco biggrin
8. Spent more days in grade 11 & 12 wagging then actually at school spank
9. Learnt to ride a motorbike by wagging school ubbtickled
10. Learnt to juggling by wagging school. juggle
11. Like green tree frogs bounce
12. Neither a cat or a dog person (would rather spend money on myself) lolsign
13. Definately Nutella!! tongue
14. Can drive a truck *evil grin comes across face* devil
15. have a photographic memory for music (even the crappy music) umm
16. am i done yet
17. I was also touched by Michael Jackson. lmao (really trying to fill these last 3 entrys) ubbtickled ubblol bounce bounce2 bounce
18. have a receding hair line.

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile




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Posted:19. Have a guy in Dublin with the exact same name. (very weird when ya surname is Regazzoli) rolleyes
20. Got Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading my random facts.

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile


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Posted:*takes a breath* well here goes... tongue

1. i can vouch for some of the random things posted by the last 2 people! ubblol
2. i had my third earlobe removed when i was 11 ubblol eek
3. i have a freckle on my stomach & when i tickle it i can feel it in my elbow!
4. i have owned 3 cars
5. not so random anymore, but i am scared of clowns *can't sleep clowns will eat me!* eek
6. never wagged at school (always found some legitimate sounding excuse!)
7. i used to love i have to drive too much & i'm getting sick of it!
8. i work in a small town with a population of 3000
9. i work in a courthouse building with asbestos in the roof!
10. i know an actual rodeo princess! ubblol
11. i collect snow domes/globes
12. i can pick up accents just by talking to someone for 5 minutes
13. i like the number 13 smile
14. i have one younger brother
15. i am double jointed in my hands
16. apparently i do a good stitch (from 'lilo & stitch') impression
17. i want to get more piercings
18. i'd like to get a tattoo of a star...just gotta find the right design
19. 3 people i have dated are members of hop (didn't meet them on here though)
20. i was addicted to that brilliantly dodgy soap "passions" ubblol

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