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Location: New South Wales

ok just post 20 thing that are random about yourself

1. i like drawing tattoo designs

2. i want to be a part time tattoist when i leave school (while at uni)

3. i love snakes

4. i wear alot of black but am not a goth

5. i like to dye my hair

6. my favourite band is blink 182

7. i have been to 4 continents and over 10 countrys

8. i hate the taste of milk

9. i sometimes eat ceral for lunch and dinner

10. i like to eat broccoli raw

11. i paint my left thumb nail black and white checker

12. i play bass and am in a band

13. i love snowboarding

14. i also love skateboarding

15. i have broken to many bones to mention

16. i have had an 240v electric shocks 5 times

17. i am going to a wedding in november

18. i have an ipod and love them

19. i love thrill rides like the giant drop and the cyclone and just last weekend i went on the slingshot

20. i might be going to america for 12-18 months in a couple of years

well i got there smile

RyGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

1. I bought 4 pairs of the same hockey shoes- a new pair everytime each pair wore out, first to wear for field hockey, but they became walkabout shoes. They've now stopped making them.
2. I've got a metal thingie thing holding the back of my laptop screen up cos the screen hinge is broken.
3. I ubblove Amina- experimental girl quartet who I first saw touring with Sigur Ros.
4. I've listened to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap for 3 and a half hours in a row one day. Don't know how it happened.
5. I almost drowned when I was somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6. I was in an inflatable float (the one round your chest- your arms keep you in it) in the sea at a family outing. I slipped through and down. My eyes were open and I saw hundreds of white bubbles against brown water. Was down for a while and a hand eventually found me and pulled be back up to the surface. Screaming adults were everywhere and I was choking water. Sometimes I remember today could have never happened.
6. I had a WWF (world wildlife fund) plush blue whale as a kid. I thought it was a shark so I named it Sharky. Didn't realise it was a blue whale til I was in my teens.
7. I once had someone write 'I love Ryan' in blood on the back of an 8 by 10 photograph of Sheryl Crow and me (I won backstage passes), when a 3 day fling ended. Spun me out and if not for the taxi driver I had the chance to talk to after (on the way to a friend's chalet), I would have gone mad.
8. My favourite food dish as a kid went from chicken noodle soup to spaghetti bolognese, to nasi biryani, to satay ayam (which is a dish of lemon grass/candlenut/chilli oven roasted chicken pieces) with rice. Haven't had it for a while.
9. I know what a cornichon is, and also how to make steak tartare.
10. I've crawled into a cave not much more than 50cm at the entrance, and 1 metre high inside, just to see tiny albino bats.
11. I've been kicked out of an English class in high school before. The teacher told me if I wasn't interested, just go to the canteen and do your own thing. I thought she didn't know how to teach, so thought yeah why not. I was in the canteen for the whole of 10 minutes before the principal (who used to be a prison warden) came out and brought me back to the class and asked wtf was going on. That same principal on another occasion came into my class to check everyone had a neat haircut. My fringe was deemed too long and he pulled it down and cut it there and then.
12. I've lived on my own for two years when I was 16.
13. When I was a kid, I was so poor, going to school I had to paint my feet white and tie my toes together. Well not really. Just checking to see if you were paying attention. I do things like that.
14. The most beautiful dream I've ever had was holding someone's hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting at a breakwater during a sunset. I didn't know who it was, I couldn't see a face, and nothing actually happened.. we were just -being-.
15. If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd do is groceries.
16. My favourite Eddie Izzard phrase is 'I'm covered in beees!'
17. I don't like individual colours as much as I like colour combinations. Blue, white, grey and black, for example, instead of blue.
18. The most beautiful experience I've had in my life happened somewhere in the past year. Makes me wonder what I've been doing the earlier years of my life, and what on earth I'll do with the rest of it.
19. I've got a calendar note in my phone which just says 'be a good person with a good attitude'. Came from somewhere in Vanilla Sky. I went to the red carpet gala premiere, which was attended by Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz.
20. During the course of this entry, I've listened to Skakka, Hemipode, Fjarskanistan and Blskjr by Amina, off Animamina several times, followed by At the Hop by Devendra Banhart, and I'm rounding this up on Tori Amos' Your Cloud.

Thanks smile

hexagonicClubbles Jugs
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Location: Manchester

1. I wear glasses
2. I love Autumn
3. I currently don't own a pair of trainers
4. I'm quite happy to play solitaire, but hate watching mind-numbing TV
5. In winter I love wearing layers
6. I always use rolleyes as the post icon whenever I post
7. I've posted once in the poi forum
8. I've never posted in the Staff forum
9. I've posted once in the COL forum
10. I still think UCOF is a little strange
11. I'm losing my hair (slowly)
12. I'm a grumpy censored in the morning
13. Elias Koteas is my favourite actor
14. I ubblove brunettes
15. I've never dated a blonde
16. I'm wondering why i'm typing all this
17. I'm also wondering of anyone will read this far
18. I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow
19. I miss everyone from London
20. I can't wait till the World Cup starts next month smile

ah wah wah wah a wah wah

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Location: At the bottom of the garden with the fairies...


1. I have highlights in my hair
2. I LOVE the colour pink
3. My favourite food is pizza
4. I work at McDonalds (bad huh?)
5. I have had my heart broken twice
6. I am Random Girl!
7. I have a crush on one of my dads friends
8. I used to have a crush on my friends dad
9. I want to be a hairdresser
10. I get lonely in winter
11. I want to get married in a church, even though I'm not religious
12. I sometimes spend whole days in my pyjama's doing nothing
13. Used to be my lucky number, but bad things kept happening
14. I think if I was a man I'd be gay
15. I hate my job
16. I wish I spent more time with my family
17. I listen to all music
18. I drink lots of water
19. I wish I could sing
20. I didn't think I would be able to get to 20!

woo hoo! that was quite fun!

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Location: Manchester / London, United Kingdom

1. I wear alot of black clothing
2. I am not a goth
3. I am very generous towards family, friends and those in need
4. I've never taken any drugs
5. I have a heart of ice
6. I have very wierd premonitons
7. I would love to have kids of my own someday
8. I would teach them everything I know
9. I would like to be a photographer
10.I believe that in most cases being good friends with anyone is better than having a short meaningless relationships.
11. I would love to teach art to children
12. I preferre spending time on my own reading, relaxing & meditation.
13. I am grateful towards my parents for what they have done for me.
14. I would like to build my own house
15. I accept people for who they are
16. I have a dog but I'd like to get a cat named Thor
17. I'm strongly against people scrutinizing other people's choice in music tastes.
18. I am not afraid of death
19. I enjoy waking up early on the beach
20. I have a keen visual perception where usually I would spot things other people would miss

Hope this sheds some light on my life meditate


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Location: USA

1. Im in love
2. My Sock poi are shredding
3. I love taiko drums, trance, dance, and electronic music
4. Currently working in the summer to raise money for some new poi.
5. NEVER has done fire poi
6. i hate spiders, ive actually had a spider in my hair once.... GAH THAT WAS FREAKIN SCARY
7. I enjoy sitting/laying down just talking about life
8. Id like to own a house by a beach.
9. I am obsessed with cameras....
10. Pretty modest
11. I can take a good joke
12. Enjoys getting and giving pranks
13. Love chuck norris jokes biggrin
14. i perfer pepsi over coke
15. dont like chocolate too much.
16. never broken the law... well there was that one ti- OH NEVER MIND! angel2
17. Loves a good meditation period
18. Love to draw and think of objects
19. Obsessed with karate movies
20. currently purchasing a staff to learn from off of HOP

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roarfireSILVER Member
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Location: The countryside, Australia

1. I've slept a total of 6 hours in the last 2 days

2. I have to drive to Melbourne soon

3. I'm meeting my boyfriend for the first time tomorrow ubblove

4. I drive a unreliable Volkswagan Golf

5. I shaved my head (my hair was long and blonde at the time) for a cancer charity in 2003 and raised just over $1000

6. I just finished working as a pizza delivery driver after 6 months

7. I'm going to New Zealand in a week and a half

8. I'm known for the streaks in my hair

9. I have a cat called Kiwi who attacks me frown

10. We have aviaries with about 70 big parrots in our backyard. Dad breeds them.

11. I arrive in London in 38 days

12. I panic too much

13. I love my pyjamas (purple polka dots biggrin)

14. My favourite movie is Hearts In Atlantis

15. I love to sing

17. I'm studying Justice next year

18. My favourite comedian is Ross Noble

19. I don't read enough

20. It was really hard to think of 20 things

.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.

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Location: The Middle lands, United Kingdom

in no order of priority....

1) I'm tall, Probaby taller than you, but not definately

2) I'm going bald and grey years before I should be

3) Keeping pets is cruel IMO except for cats

4) I have one son called Edan, he's beautiful ubblove

5) I live in sin

6) I score innings for both teams

7) I have two old timey VW's slowly rotting at my house frown

8) My balls are pierced and so is my lower lip

9) I organise a little festival called PLAY Festival

10) Today I shaved my head and apparently I now look like a Thug

11) my shoe size

12) People can sit on my sofa in comfort smile

13) is unlucky for some but I don't beleive in superstition so it's never (un)lucky for me!

14) I get no satisfaction from my day job, I wish I could afford to leave frown

15) I love to frisbee

16) I wish I had more time to play guitar

17) I had gammon, chips, eggs and pee's for my tee at my Moms house today smile

18) Reading is a pleasure for those fortunate few who don't have anything else sucking their time away from them

19) I'm not sure if Jebus really existed or not

20) Smoking pot made me forget what I was gonna write here so I'll just ping instead

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Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Location: L.O.N.D.O.N.

1. I am an unemployed bum...
2. but I've been working very hard the last 3 months
3. is a magic number (and my fav)
4. I hate string, it gets all tangled and stuff; so poi is a problem for me
5. At my last job I supplied the music and I was know as Mr Eclectic.
6. I have never been fat but eating too much Indian food recently has given me an Indian belly
7. I hope to get rid of my Indian belly hiking in the Himalaya with Moohaahaa.
8. I miss all my friends in London hug
9. I have only smoked two beedies in 3 months ubbangel
10. I'm a geek when it comes to technology
11. I'm very excited about the forthcoming world cup.
12. I'm looking forward to going on a meditation course soon (it'll be my third, but hardest; no talking for 9 days eek ).
13. I love to debate, so find me on Social Disscussions and disagree with me, but I also like to hug and makeup.
14. I try my best.
15. I hope to start my own charity some day.
16. I love my laptop and her name is Bertha
17. My SkypeID is icklematt you can talk to me for free!
18. I'm getting back to the UK on 15th August...
19. just in time to go to the Small World Festival...
20. and Bristol juggling convention bounce

MoohaahaaBRONZE Member
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Location: In Ger Land, India


1. This is the second time I tried to do this.
2. I only got this far last time.
3. I smoke too much
4. Travelling makes me think
5. Sometimes I forget what I learnt last week.
6. Sometimes I forget what I learnt this morning.
7. I'm learning tabla
8. Laerning tabla has also taught me about learning.
9. I used to know about learning, but I forgot.
10. I'm not sure if I should end these facts with full-stops (.)
11. Like all the other Londoners far from home, I miss the London folk.
12. Ickle Matts gonna come and see me, and then I'll miss London a bit less.
13. I wanna go home early and see my missus.
14. I'm gonna be joint best man at my Dads wedding when I get back.
15. My older brother is the other best man, and he's gonna do the speech smile
16. I kind of want to do the speech, but not really.
17. I need a cigarette.
18. I wanna come back to India and study Hindi
19. I am sweating.
20. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

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monseratSILVER Member
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In no particular order...

1. I'm slightly claustraphobic
2. Bananas, coconuts and coffee all make me sick
3. I have lots of nicknames including Wonderboy, Big M, and Cinders (short for Cinderella)
4. I'm a romantic
5. I can almost touch type
6. I have squeaky ears
7. I called in sick today
8. In the past I've won a bottle of champagne for looking good in a dress (not connected to the Cinders nickname)
9. I'd like to study philosophy
10. Nobody beleives me when I tell them its always the quiet ones...
11. ..So I get away with a lot more than I should!
12. I want to ride along the Great Ocean Road on a motorbike
13. I'd like to be more spiritual
14. I can hold seven wine glasses in one hand
15. I have broken both arms
16. I have fallen out of a tree and had a tree fall on me
17. I called my first car Shagnasty
18. When I was at school I wanted to be a graphic designer
19. I'm looking forward to a time where I can live on my own
20. I have a lifestyle I want to become acustomed to!

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1.My nickname is Blu,however my fave color is red.
2.I live in a house with three boys.I am the only girl and I am also the youngest.
3.I don't like walking up hills.
4.I am very tall.
5.I'm origionally from South Africa
6. I lived on Portobello Road in Notting Hill for about three months.
7.My appendix burst the day I was supposed to take my driver's test.
8.I havent seen my parents in two years.
9.I want to be a surf instructor and a fantasy writer.
10.I am inlove with my boyfriend, Mark.
11.I want to have two sons before I die.
12.I joined the gym recently.
13.I am a sugar-holic, it is my weakness.
14.I get irritated very easily.
15.I always set my expectations too high, and as a result,am often disappointed.
16.I have a sleeping disorder
17.I am trying to grow my hair.
18.I watch a lot of films (at least 5 a week)
19.I am an excellent cook
20.I have to roll my toungue and make a high-pitched noise if I run across the road.

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afghan_bingoSILVER Member
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Location: Calgary, Canada

1: fire makes me wet
2: baldness is hereditray, and my pop's is bald
3:im only doing this cos im damn bored.
4: my staff is my baby
5: my staff is breaking
6: i like beer festivals
7: i only drink real ale in pubs
8: ive kissed people ive regretted (uuurgh)
9: i wanna do clowning
10: im going to circus college
11: im a hairy [censored]
12: and proud
13: i dont particularly like the apathetic homeless
14: i really hate london
15: ive been drinking a bit too much recently
16: i should be doing college work
17: this is both a waste of time and energy
18: my mate has repressed homosexual urges
19: i dont
20: im going to get stoned

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jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Location: Telford, Shrops, United Kingdom

1) today i woke up with a really painful zit just on my right nostril and i am afraid to pick it.

2) right now i have a cup of tea and nutella and banana sandwiches, mmm

3)i recently moved to Cambridge to live with Mr Sym et al.

4) I miss mollydog lots because she's so beautiful and furry and waggy, and as much as Sym tries, he's no mollydog.

5)i'm excited about Strawberry Fair and getting to wear my tutu and fairy wings biggrin

6)I havent slept properly for the past couple of nights so i feel proper sh!t at the mo!

7)Today I have to get the train home to Newbury to see a doc to get more tablets

8) its not my normal doc so i'm a bit apprehensive

9)i enjoy doing impressions of uni from dungeons and dragons "meeeeeeeeeh"

10)i love sunshine, and am happiest in Spring and Summer

11) Winter makes me sad and miserable

12) sometimes i get upset when people call me a weirdo, even though it is blatantly obvious I AM a weirdo!

13) i guess that means the truth hurts

14) My favourite authors are Haruki Murakami and Paulo Coehlo.

15) i really hate it when people leave their shoes in front of doorways, i always end up tripping over them

16)i learnt btb 2bt weave on sunday, which is quite good for me! although it's made my shoulder sore!

17) I hope Dave and Steph are having an ace time together and get married and have lots of poi spinning babies! hahah

18)I have a pin in my left hip which holds my leg in place, in a few years i am going to have a hip replacement! (lucky aye?)

19)i used to get teased for my massive goofy grin, but now it's one of my best assests and I love showing off my tooth pegs biggrin

20)last random jo fact- i wear a size 36B bra, but somedays i reckon i could get into a 36C! yay! bounce

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 Written by: Dunc

20) Smoking pot made me forget what I was gonna write here so I'll just ping instead


Pong biggrin

1- I didnt go home last night so am still wearing the same clothes i went out and got drunk in last night.

2- I have a completely irrational fear of heights,but I'm trying to get over it.

3- I have just got back from Run to the Sun. It was awesome.Mauro Picotto and the Scott Project rocked.

4- I like eating tinned peaches.

5- I love bacon and baked bean sandwiches when I'm hungover.

6- This morning i was 10 minutes late for work,I'm exhausted, look like cr*p, but have had a brilliant weekend so am very much like this- biggrin

7-I find it impossible to keep my desk tidy at work.

8- I hate sleeping alone.

9- If i had to loose all of my senses but one i would keep touch.

10- Between the ages of 4 and 6 i used to go with my mum to the cornershop where she would always spend ages talking to the woman behind the counter. I would always wonder round the shop and help myself to all of the opic n mix while she was distracted talking to my mum. redface

11- I was in the German version of Rosamunde Pilchers' Day of the Storm when i was a kid, and all i can really remember of it is that the set caterers were really good and used to sneak me sweets! ubblove

12- Is a nice number. I like it, I've no idea why i just do.

13- My second cousin is called Demian and was born on Friday 13th January 1995.

14- I live in a caravan in the sand dunes of Hayle Beach. ubblove

15- I drive a Morris Minor called Flo ubblove but I'm putting her up for sale next week.... frown

16- I have a Blue Peter badge from when i was 11 and raised money for UNICEF.

17- I once wrote to Jimmy Saville asking if he would fix it for me to be able to take my mum to Egypt to see the Pyramids, but he never wrote back... ubbcrying

18- Last christmas was the best ever. Goose stuffed with pheasant...mmmmmmmm........and 18 very good friends to share it with! biggrin

19- I am a hot drink snob. I only like proper filter coffee, NOT instant coffe-ick||! Plus as a general rule I only drink Earl Grey snd will only drink "normal" tea if i haveto.

20-I miss a lot of people, and probably don't tell them enough because I'm not very good with all that mushy stuff.

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ok, i'm bored and kinda zonked from just arriving home from work... but here goes:

I have a piece of bone floating in my left ankle
I'm a geek
I'm described as extremly nonchalant
I like eating liquorice
But I like eating dar chocolate more
I love mammals
I just found out that I have nephews who are older than me
I miss my old friends
I dislike singapore with a passion
I'm currently feeling very disaffected (more so than misguided)
I love racing but hate driving
I'm still trying to get my weight over 60kg (heaviest ever was 59kg)
When people call me crazy, I take it as a compliment
I'm still searching
I fell for a friend once, and it hurt the most
I almost started a massive fire in my toilet (before we moved out, there was still a scorch mark on the ceiling)
I've been single for much longer than I'd like to admit
I say "meh" alot
People think I know more than I actually know that I know
I've got the flu

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Location: Canterbury

1) I like cheesecake ;D
2) I just got back from job number one (its now 12.00 despite what the clock might say, i did a 7am-11am shift).
3) I play the flute
4) I did horseriding for 7 years
5) Im drinking apple juice
6) Im a livejournal addict
7) Most of my friends are computer geeks (but not me)
8) Im originally from essex
9) I can see at least 11 dragons in my room from my current position without even moving my head.
10) I think theyve started thwarting the 'once you pop you just cant stop' pringles saying by making the foil bit harder to remove.
11) I like shiney things. and UV stuff.
12) Pasta keeps me alive.
13) Im a *little* accident prone when it comes to injuring myself (going to work with a black eye was fun!)
14)Having said the above ive not broken any bones yet *touch wood*
15) I love chinese food... the local restaurant knows my name and gives us free prawn crackers!
16) I find sun dried tomatos (out of a jar in oil) addictive
17) Cherry coke is the best flavour (waits for argument)
18) I hate the feel of cotton wool
19) Noisey eaters are ANNOYING (especially when they chew with their mouth open)
20) I have work with a child with downs syndrome in 2.5 hours so had best get changed and make lunch!!.

TinklePantsGOLD Member
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1. I smoke
2. I rarely drink
3. one eye is higher than the other
4. I used to be morbidly obese
5. I teach myself new skills all the time
6. I fart and belch which I'm told is very unladylike. Better out than in, I always say!
7. I wore glasses until I was 11 years old
8. Welsh was my first language in primary school until I changed to the english class when I was 7 years old
9. I have 2 sisters and one half brother
10. I used to be very shy - but nowadays I over compensate and I talk way too much and in a way too friendly manner to strangers!
11. I've never broken a bone
12. I've never been stung by a wasp or a bee. And mosquitos/scottish midges don't like how I taste!
13. I'm a pisces
14. Me and LMSP used to race dining room chairs...
15. My baby is 14 months old and she still gets momma's milk - I'm a trouper!
16. I don't tan very well
17. I used to be very very skinny
18. I've a poo/toilet fixation
19. There are very few people i dislike
20. My favourite mug holds 3/4 pints and has sheep and cows on it. I call it my "Moo-Baa".

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MynciBRONZE Member
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1- I can lick my own back
2- my full name is an anagram of "Biodome feller"
3- I love to fall
4- fish bow down to me when I walk among them
5- I don't like nuts
6- humous is my favourite food
7- I've had intemate relations with Tinks sister biggrin
8- I climb like a monkey
9- i bore easily
10- take me seriously at your peril
11- I prefer fruity sweets to chocolate
12- I like it when it's cold
13- I have bad luck with cars
14- I will never make a promise I will knowingly break
15- I'm allergic to cats.
16- cats are allergic to me.
17- I am a very quick learner
18- I am the luckiest unlucky person in the world. (crap happens but I'm always lucky enough to escape major problems
19- I can't count to 20 ubblol

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pitmanSILVER Member
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Location: swansea, United Kingdom

1. my name is jamie
2.i live in cardiff a youth worker in uni studying communitty education
5.both my nipples had rings through them
6.only one nipples does now (damm you cheepy rings)
7.i have 3 tattoos girlfriend is called ami taking her to barcelona for her 18th (if she gets her passport back in time)
10.i make poi to sell
11.i am always right
12.i have 2 x 3000 word essays to right by tuesday (6th june = 1weeks time) i havent started them
13.i have a gold fish named mampi swift (after the d&b dj)
14.i love drum & bass
15.i used to promote d&b club nights in cardiff
16.i suck at everything
17.i have harry toes
18.actualy im harry all over
19.i really really really really want a feret
20.i really need to be paid alot more and my hours cut down


nonenonenoneSILVER Member
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Location: none, United Kingdom

1) i have three brothers and 2 german shepherds
2)the other day was my last day or school/college EVER!!
3) im hoping to go to either leicester uni to do medical physiology, or bristol uni to do physiology next september/october
4)im doing my Alevels (chemistry, bioology and psychology, dropped history and physics last year!)
5) i have got the majority of my friends addicted to poi/staff/juggling/contact juggling/ unicycling etc, even though i cant do half of them myself!
6)i play the flute and am working towards grade 8
7) i used to do springboard diving competitivly (national competitions) but had to stop. i would LOVE to start it again!!
8)im already running out of things to say!
9) i live in a nice big house with a nice big garden in the country!
10)half my family are irish, the rest are mostly english
11)i want to eventually become a doctor!
12)my favourite trousers are patchwork ones!!
13)i work in a pub
14)i used to be shy (atill am first meeting people) but with people i know, i talk to much!
15)apparantly i can be very sarcastic!
16) i do far too much!
17) i have never smoked... anything!
18)i love being outside, big trees, sun and grass!
19) my room is painted lime green with an orange and black lizard (painted by me!) up the wall!
20) im 20 next year!!

and woo, im finnished! lol.

kenpo23GOLD Member
6 posts
Location: Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

1. I cry when animals get hurt.
2. I have two sisters.
3. I live in the US but wish i didn't.
4. I love classic cars, but can't afford one.
5. I hate wearing shoes.
6. Dating a cop made me not trust them anymore.
7. I have six tattoos.
8. There is some random person at my window right now.
9. Have no physical scars.
10. Play bass.
11. Probably drink too much. beerchug
12. Can't draw to save my life.
13. Wish i had superpowers. bounce
14. Get bored easily.
15. Love to go hiking.
16. Ride horses.
17. I love coffee.
18. I think i should have my own country.
19. Would rather have snow.
20. Think that 'suicide shifts' on Harley Davidsons are cool. devil meditate

Success it the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Churchill

Tell me, and I will listen. Show me, and I will understand. Involve me, and I will learn. Lakota Proverb

PeleBRONZE Member
the henna lady
6,193 posts
Location: WNY, USA

1. I hate summer and hot weather.
2. I own 2 snakes, a bearded dragon, a guinea pig and a cat.
3. I LOVE to garden.
4. I hate posting in the tool specific technical forums (poi, staff).
5. I am moderately technophobic.
6. I adore creating shows more than performing in them.
7. I'm not nearly as good as people think I am.
8. I'm adopted, and can't stand my biological family.
9. I have 3 college kids living with me for the summer as interns and apprentices.
10. My favorite active hobby is water walking.
11. I love to swim.
12. I'm afraid of surfing.
13. I want to visit every continent except South America for some reason.
14. I love to write and am terrified of letting anyone read it.
15. I love to play with make-up on other people, just to do it.
16. I'm very elementally based.
17. I am very indecisive.
18. My family heritage is Scottish and Romani
19. The name on my birth certificate has been changed 3 times since I was born (and I have never been married!)... (1. StarLynne 2. Lynne 3. Lynne Danialle)
20. I love choppers and am not so fond of crotch rockets at all.

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
"Oooh look! A pub!" -exclaimed after recovering from a stupid fall
"And for the decadence of art, nothing beats a roaring fire." -TMK

NOnactivist for HoPper liberation.
1,643 posts
Location: ffidrac

hmm... 'k.

1. i started this last night but then ER was on...
2. it's one of the only things i watch on tv anymore, the rest of it is a pile of poo.
3. I spent most of my the bank holiday yesterday untangling yarn, it was strangly therapeutic.
4. I just got 68% on an assessment for the course i'm studying, i wish i'd done more work frown
5. I start a new job next monday, i hope i'll be good at it
6. i don't know how to drive and i've never needed to.
7. that surprises a lot of people.
8. invertebrate animals freak me out, especially jellyfish and leeches.
9. th March is my birthday
10. I'm a pisces, but you have to pronounce it pisk-keys, because that's what my grandad used to do.
11. i've wanted a green violin for years.
12. i'd like to live in germany for at least a year or so
13. or maybe scandanavia.
14. i love being curled up in bed
15. as of last thursday, i wear glasses for computer work and HoPping.
16. if i could be any animal, i'd be a sloth...
17. i wear a ring on the middle toe of my left foot, if i put jewellery on, it stays. The other week i broke a ring i've worn for the last five years.
18. Underworld's Rez makes me feel great.
19. So do the Delays, i shall be listening to them all summer...
20. i'm hopelessly stuck on number 20...

Aurinko freedom agreement reached 10th Sept 2006

if it makes no sense that's because it's NOn-sense.

TabtI Doubt, Therefore I Might Be
1,007 posts
Location: Horsham

here goes:

1. I was bald until i was four.
2. I have a cat called Brian
3. I had a gerbil called Elvis which i fed to Brian when i was 6.
4. I am a university student with nothing better to do.
5. I can bake some damn tasty cookies.
6. I am still in the scouting community at the age of 20.
7. I love to hike and camp and any outdoorsy activity.
8. I am still scared of fire poi.
9. I have a hangover at 7pm.
10. I am grumpy in the mornings.
11. I love porridge
12. I hate the fact that we have no hot water or heating in my halls.
13. I wish i could juggle.
14. My dream job would be working for the National Geographic.
15. For some unknown reason my dream car is a red truck.
16. My room is always clean but never tidy.
17. I have a few tattoos but want more.
18. I love to sing and dance like nobody is watching, but they always are, and get embarrassed for me.
19. My motto is 'do something because you can'
20. I often get in to trouble because of this, but have fun doing it.

Owner of Dragosani's right side.

faith enfireBRONZE Member
wandering thru the woods of WI
3,556 posts
Location: Wisconsin, USA

1 I was named after my grandmother
2 I hate living in the city
3 I want to go out to Oregon (Bend area)
4 When I grow up, I want to be a mediator
5 I have a fiery, sneaky temper
6 My dog is a hobo from tennessee named gus
7 I am afraid of deep water and my bf wants me to go sailboat racing with him
8 I need a raise or a job closer to work (30 dollars to fill my tank
9 My boyfriend and I fight a lot and I don't know how to deal with it
10 I don't function without coffee in the morning
11 I took spanish for 8 years and still can't speak it
12 I want to learn sign language (ASL)
13 My bills are a month over due (help anyone?)
14 I rode horses for 5 yrs
15 Friends will all my exes that aren't crazy
16 Favorite thing for a hang over: BLTs and a coke
17 Favorite food: chipped beef on toast or baked beans
18 I have a little brother 11 yrs younger than me
19 I come from a traditional catholic family with a deep dark secret
20 My cousin was killed by a drunk driver on his eighth offense, don't whine to me if you get pulled over. I have no sympathy

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed

oliSILVER Member
not with cactus
2,052 posts
Location: bristol/ southern eastern devon, United Kingdom

1. i want to write 20 random things about myself but am stuggling to think of one.
2. i hope once i start it will be easier.
3. i am usually very hungry
4. i have a probabilty and statistics exam tomorrow.
5. i am oftten lost
6. i should be revising
7. my hand hurts because i have been catching juggling clubs alot this afternoon
8. i was also dropping alot of juggling clubs this afternoon
9. i should have been revising this afternoon
10. im not very good at talking to people
11. i have hayfever, usually only in the months of may and june.
12. i am sometimes found
13. i used to have dreadlocks and now i am growing a new crop
14. i enjoy chaos and chaotic things
15. i enjoy discovering things
16. a few days ago i was realluy scared when this huge green beetle flew in through my window
17. i quite enjoy doing the washing up sometimes
18. i drink alot of tea
19. i am the proud owner of a nearly brand new tube of colgate
20. i am not armed or dangorous.

Me train running low on soul coal
They push+pull tactics are driving me loco
They shouldn't do that no no no

JerryDSILVER Member
136 posts
Location: Maryland, USA

1. I hate my computer because I just finished typing in all 20 things and my browser crashed and now I have to remember what I typed.

2. I love oranges, but I hate orange juice.

3. A few years ago I got too drunk, I fell and I knocked out my top front teeth.

4. I have never slept with a woman.

5. I have cool parents, they are both over 60 and kayak and mountain bike.

6. I like 70's disaster movies.

7. I am scared to look for a new job.

8. I am fickle with my hairstyles.

9. My sense of direction is absolutely horrible, worse than that of everyone I know except for one person.

10. The last book I read was "We Were the Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates.

11. I cannot for the life of me make it through "Godel, Escher, Bach." But maybe one of these days I will.

12. It freaks me out how much I like the guy I am dating.

13. I recently discovered soba noodles and now make them at home. Yum!

14. Years ago I let my credit cards get out of control, but I am almost out of debt.

15. Over the weekend I saw a woodpecker, a chipmunk, a snake, 2 toads, a bunch of deer and some boy scouts.

16. I have more friends from high school than I do from college.

17. I am having trouble remembering the 20 things I typed before.

18. I am an only child.

19. I prefer boxers or nothing at all rather than briefs.

20. I am growing an avocado pit like my grandmother used to do.

I was touched by His Noodly Appendage

Pink...?BRONZE Member
Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
6,140 posts
Location: Over There, United Kingdom

Ok 20 random things about me?
1) I once ate sand when i was about 5 thinking it was sherbert
2) I have a green dressing gown
3) I work on the 5th Floor
4) I am finding this suprisingly hard
5) I used to kayak, sail and row
6) I have a giggling ribena berry
7) I'm scared of failing myself in my ambitions
8) My full name is Alice Rose, but I drop the Rose to a middle name
9) I always seem to wear odd socks
10) I'm a member of the English Hertidge
11th August is my birthday (don't forget)
12) I have purple glasses
13) I rather enjoy sleeping
14) My parents and half my family live in France, yet my french is very appauling
15) I bought some nice bread today
16) My passport runs out in 2007.
17) The only bone i have broken is my big toe, Twice.
18) My favourite film is Empire Records
19) I like feeling different fabrics
20) I like hugs. A lot. hug2

Never pick up a duck in a dungeon...

_khan_SILVER Member
old hand
768 posts
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

1) My day started with walking to work only to discover that the block around City Hall (where I work) was cordoned off due to a bomb threat and a suspicious package found in the building. Helicopters. Police. What a way to start the day!

2) After inquiring about the situation and being informed the building would be closed for 2 hours at least, I went swimming before coming in to work.

3) Though I enjoy working in the arts, I'm sick of being a bureaucrat but am uncertain what I want to do next.

4) I'm preparing a solo performance combining storytelling, spoken word and ritual with poi, hoop and contact juggling. The show goes up in October and I'm nervous and excited in equal measure.

5) I love my new LED hoops.

6) I love the costume for my show.

7) I love San Francisco, but living here is so expensive. I'm frustrated that on my salary I could buy a house pretty much anywhere else in the country (except maybe Manhattan) but here it's out of the question.

8) I spent the past weekend (an American holiday) at a cabin in the mountains outside Lake Tahoe with a group of close friends and we spent a good portion of the weekend in altered states, playing with poi and balls and hoops and meteors and swords. It was lovely.

9) During the weekend, it was discovered that I am a little poi tree. (note: altered states wink).

10) My closest friends are more my family than my actual blood relations.

11) I feel grateful & blessed for the friends and community I have in my life.

12) During the weekend, we went to a casino buffet and I ate soooo much prime rib. It made me very happy.

13) While at the casino I played craps for the very first time.

14) I really don't like gambling or casinos though I like the buffets.

15) Despite my dislike of casinos, I want to go to Las Vegas to see the Cirque du Soleil productions there.

16) This year will be my third Burning Man.

17) I have been with my partner for 13 years. He is family and I love him, but sometimes I wonder if we're still a couple only out of habit.

18) I considered taking an exciting new job in Baltimore because of items 3 & 7 on this list but decided not to go for it because of items 4, 10 & 11.

19) Making that decision revealed to me what it is that I truly value in life.

20) I am constantly amazed at all the different ways picking up poi has changed my life.

taken out of context i must seem so strange
~ ani di franco

FoxInDocsSILVER Member
1,848 posts
Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

1. I am procrastinating.

2. oddly enough though, i'm putting off something i want to do.

3. I don't like going out by myself. (even just to the shops)

4. i have an intense and irrational fear of falling

5. I don't like the taste of coffee, but i love the smell.

6. I work at subway.

7. I want to move back to Adelaide.

8. I don't want to move away from Rhys.

9. I eat too much junk food

10. I love vegetables, but i don't eat enough of them.

11. I don't do enough house work.

12. I hate working, but i hate being unemployed just as much.

13. I'm not good enough at anything i like doing to make a career out of it.

14. I hate beetroot

15. I miss my dog and my sister.

16. I don't miss my brother.

17. I'm being very inconsistant with my fullstops

18. I should put these KFC boxes in the bin.

19. I don't have a middle name.

20. i'm going to go have a shower and get dressed and stop procrastinating now.

"i am exotic, and must keep my arms down" - Rougie

"i don't understand what penises have to do with getting married" - Foxie

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