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Posted:Ok...bit of an odd one...
i'm very into my body modification/ritual, and as part of a ritual/performance, I would like to have needles with wicks on inserted in my body...they would need to be very long and would be positioned all down the sides of my body...legs, waist and breasts, potentially arms if that doesnt get in the way.
I want to bend down and light a series of flames all up my body. I'm also considering doing flaming 'wings' in a similar way.

I don't know if this has been done before/is safe/how to make said needles, etc and all advice would be greatly appreciated (even if its 'for the love of god woman, why, why?'! confused)

thanks guys! smile

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Posted:For the record, I think this sounds like an awesome idea. Make sure you take some videos for everyone to gawk at whenever you figure out exactly how it's done. Creativity, huzzah!


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Posted:hehe, i just read a great idea.

someone inserted regular play needles, then put candles in the large end. they were just regular candles youd use on a birthday cake and all. seems to me like its quite practical and simple.

cheers, pete hug

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