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Reggae legend Desmond Dekker dies.

Reggae legend Desmond Dekker has died suddenly from a heart attack, his manager has announced.

The 64-year-old Jamaican, best known for his 1969 hit Israelites, collapsed at his Surrey home...

...The star was divorced with a son and daughter.

...He had been due to perform at the Respect Festival in Prague on 2 June, and numerous dates across Europe during the summer.

His last concert was at Leeds University on 11 May.

Source - BBC News

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Posted:frown Thats very sad news. I was listening to a CD him only yesterday. frown

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Posted:ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying
The world will miss him R.I.P. Desmond

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Posted:frown frown ubbcrying ubbcrying

"midnight maruder spinning on my stereo, mr desmond deckker got a crown made of gold" - common rider (classics of love)

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Miss you Des, The King of Ska will always live on through his funky beats and laid back flow. ubblove

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Posted:i was at a punk rock festivalette in leeds on saturday and not a single person mentioned this!

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