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a Bushmen benefit

Saturday June 10th
8pm - 8am
10 concs and b4 11
12 after

Dance Room:

Banco De Gaia
***Full Live Show and album launch - Farewell Ferengistan***


Indigenous chill:

Steve Kundalini
Sounds From The Ground
Titin Moraga
Mixmaster Morris
Greg Hunter
Christian Davies

Jedi Jugglers movez an groovez
Drum 'n' didge circle,
Healing space,
Wholefood cafe,

8pm - A Panel discusion on San Bushmen and issues relating to the relocation from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Tickets and info phone Joe on 07989519368

The Synergy Centre
220 Farmers Road,


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The last one of these was really nice and Gaudi's set was immense.. would be good at the synerg centre too. not sure what I'm doing that weekend yet though! smile

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I'll try to make it to this: the last one I went to was awesome!

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Xcellent folks :-)

As per usual Jedi Juggler Mr Lee will be taking down names for poi peeps who fancy spinning some tails for the audience,

Not sure if the fire will work inside otherswise it'l be on stage under UV...

The night will probably go on and on... one of the benefits of the Synergy Centre and the early morning sunrise can then be experienced fully in the lush park 3 min walk from the Centre in the morning...


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Sorry to do this but:

:: .......... Event Postponed until September............... ::

A real kick in the balls.

If anyone wants to catch Toby live before then, then I reccommend seeing him at his sit down album launch, details on web - or coming down to Sunrise which is going to rock...

apologys to those who've been helping promote and produce this event, I trust it will come right in a few months,

Joe X

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