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burning danGOLD Member
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I was in a cafe and saw 2 girls with fire poi doing a choreographed routine. there was a guy who was part of the act, but he mostly stood there looking menacing and pressed play on the boombox.

this was just in the street somewhere, not like out front of notre dame.

this was the first time I ever saw live fire poi and it's exerted an amount of influence on my life. I'd like to find them.

if you know anything about them or are them, please let me know.

PS - if there's a more appropriate forum in which I ought to post this, please let me know.

Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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maybe try the help thread

she is really pretty, good luck finding her tho. "but have you considered there is more to life than your eyelids?"

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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Scary face floating above her...

I'm hoping that's one of her colleagues being more mobile than she was confused "I used to want to change the world, now I just wanna leave the room with a little dignity..." - Lotus Weinstock