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Posted:Queenstown-a utopia..... My final destination--- I cant wait to absorb the visuals, the land, and the people. I plan on making a career out of the art form the has infatuated me for so long. What better place to make the transition to pro that the birthplace of fire. I am in need of some information about jobs, PLACES TO LIVE as well as an overview of local laws governing fire. ---I need to know if I can bring my dog with me for example. I am truly flying blind but willing to take the risk. Information and contacts will be my guiding light..... Any help?


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Posted:hay sorry dude i dont no much about Queenstown (escept that it is expencive!)

as far as jobs go it would really depend on what you do? shouldnt be to hard to pick up a job in retail or in a bar or cafe. its a massive tourisom town. not the cheapest place to live either!
but it is beautiful.
new zealand, is not as strick on fire as alot of other places i have heard are. if you are just doing a bit of random spinning i say just go for it, and stop if you get told to stop. if you are doing somthing regulerly (sorry spelling) and in the same location you might want to get a fire permit tho.
um hope that helps smile
good luck hug

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Posted:Whooohoooo, I live in queenstown. I go and play in Earnslaw Park most days, so no doubt we'll run into each other

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