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Posted:I just got forwarded an email:
Hi all,
For those drummers and dancers in the Sydney area,
the Fishermans Beach Circle Of Drums now has a fire
in the centre of it for the colder months!

We will be there from 7.30 onwards tomorrow (Friday) night.
We are also being blessed by the presence of fire twirlers!!!

So for anyone who wants to drum, firetwirl, dance and sing, come down! we'd love to see ya's!

i dont know these guys - but will head down to check it out.

Ed ubbrollsmile

"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.

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Posted:Thanks again for that sms ed. it was good to see you again.
hope this turns into a regular thing. it was soooo good not having to drive longer than an hour!!


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