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Posted:jus lettin you know....the area cretins refrain you from staffing or fluffy poi could endanger somes one's life.......even when im in a clear area with the nearest ppl smooching away on the bench 10 metres away...whats your views on such cretins? I know theyre right to a certain extent but constantly harrassing me to "move along" and get of of the area seems a bit harsh. confused

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Posted:its the sme with camera, you are in no way allowed to carry a tripod, because that automatically makes you a professional...aparently!

OK guys, firgive me if im wrong but i ead through the Byelaws and in no way did it mention anything to do with poi or juggling for fun.

you are in no way allowed to get money for it, but if you are doing it for free, there is nothing they can do, the closest they come is a kite, but they say nothing about juggling...who's up for a trip to london wearing IM DOING THIS FOR FREE t-shirts and printing off copies of the byelaws so if challenged we can ask them to find the law biggrin biggrin biggrin rolleyes biggrin biggrin biggrin

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Posted:they'd propbably point at the one saying its an offence to disobey a reasonable command from a 'steward' or whatever. even though its not reasonable cause you arnt doing anything wrong before they tried to move you.

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Posted:they had a Hare Krsna rally there, so what is wrong with poi and staff. ok I can see fire a prolb. but. Fluffy poi...................... bounce



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