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Posted:Hey is there anybody here from South Korea or have visited there. I'm planning on moving there in about a month to teach english (me teach english thats unpossible)and I'm just doing some research now. Is there any city that is more fun then another. Any Info anybody could give me would be awsome. Thanks

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Posted:I spent about a month in Osan working, and PGWB is living there now teaching english if I am correct.

Anyhoo, its not a bad place though there are some things to watch out for. The usual know your surroundings, avoid dark unlit streets,common street smart things.

The people are very friendly, though there are always those who arnt.

I have never really liked Asia, just my personal opinion, but I do like the Osan area. No I didnt partake in alot of what there was to do, but that is just me being cautious.

My only advice is watch yourself, things can get real ugly real fast. Check in with your embasy atleast weekly, to find out if there is anything you need to know. A quick phonecall to the embasy could save your life.

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Posted:I have some friends who lived their most of their life, just moved here this fall... i'll ask and get back to you.

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Posted:Hello all! I just moved to South Korea to teach, and I'm looking to get back in to Fire Spinning. I've been a spinner for years but have only lit up a couple times this year, and until I can learn enough Korean to, say, make a friend, I think I'll have a LOT of time for Poi.


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Posted:Hey dory, if you're having trouble meeting people head to Itaewon in Seoul. You'll find a lot more native english speakers there. Just be careful of some of the russian clubs, I heard a lot of stories of americans getting robbed, forced to pay huge tabs, etc.

Seoul is a LOT of fun as long as you're respectful and cautious. Have fun!

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