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SixthSILVER Member
Devil May Cry
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So after a month of poi i went straight to fire poi...and now im getting into fire staffs! devilobviously safety is a must but the fears totally gone! what was your 1st time like!? injuries, memories....burns and bruises....share n tell ! wink

memo to time do not clamp my own leg around a burning staff...jeans wont resist fire for long lolsign

I give hope to others but I keep none for myself.

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my first staff burn was interesting, i had been spinning staff for a few months, but had taken about a month break, do to the weather, and then we was fun, but moves i was confident that i could do with an unlit staff i was not confident at all with a lit staff....

i can snes....still cant do it on fire....

it will come with time.

SixthSILVER Member
Devil May Cry
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Location: Manchester / London, United Kingdom

Hoodies offer the ultimate protection
even when they are alight!...if only they made a hoodie with protective detachable arms and fire proof hooded part ubblocoubbrollsmile ubbloco

I give hope to others but I keep none for myself.

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First time I ever fire spun, I have my hand in plaster from where I'd broken a bone and so had to get my mate to burnoff for me.

EveishGOLD Member
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hmm. flaming hula hoop, doing step throughs with big BAGGY pants on, wick gets tangled in trousers... ouchies. It was really stupid of me to be twirling in such inapropriate gear, though at least the trousers were cotton so my legs didn't get too singed, just the inside of my wrists from trying to untangle thw wick. I ended up with a few nasty scrapes from the burning hot wire that the wick was mounted on too - still have a mark on my arm.

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SixthSILVER Member
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Location: Manchester / London, United Kingdom

Respectfully I always respect the fire and I keep it moving no matter what and I also move my body in unison to avoid getting burnt. biggrin no polyester is also a good place to startubblol

I give hope to others but I keep none for myself.

afghan_bingoSILVER Member
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Location: Calgary, Canada

you can never take the danger out of spinning fire so i have accepted the fact that at some point i will get burned, its just a matter of when and how badly!

we were somewhere near barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold...

ado-pGOLD Member
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I still have the scar from my first burn. Literally. First burn, First injury...

learned a valuable lesson though...

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TinklePantsGOLD Member
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i'm sure there's an injury thread in existence round here...Maybe in chat wink

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animatEdBRONZE Member
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Location: Bristol UK

and a first burn thread too... wink

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Location: Shetland

My first time was last night biggrin Staffs are so much fun! I want to learn poi now!

At first I was nervous but after a few burns I was well going for it smile Not doing any contact with my head/kneck yet but was doing arm wraps, hand wraps to elbow stall to up in the air smile.

Its sooo fun and the sound is unbelievable, truly mesmerising. Best of all I didnt get burnt smile My hand got bit hot when it touched the aluminium tubing but apart from that it was sound smile:)

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SixthSILVER Member
Devil May Cry
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Location: Manchester / London, United Kingdom

lol u didnt get burnt yesterday....i did...want me to explain how hot it is when u accidentally jam the wick into your crotch? eek

I give hope to others but I keep none for myself.

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Location: new zealand

i wrapped a poi around my neck and burnt the end of my nose!, thats been about the funniest moment my friends have seen me do

SixthSILVER Member
Devil May Cry
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Location: Manchester / London, United Kingdom

u did a neck wrap with fire poi......well I could say something but i wont... it would be offensive smile

I give hope to others but I keep none for myself.

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Location: Adelaide, SA

first time i lit up, i was deprived of a real staff. I had a broomstick, two rags on the end, doused with shellite. Shellite i found out is not a great fuel to burn with.

Anyhow, i was at a friends beach house. The fire burnt through the rags and they flew off and onto the balcony on the second story of his house. We tried to get back in but it was conveniently locked. Long story short, [censored] got burned, got into [censored], didnt get burned myself though.

bought a staff soon after

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I think I'd get in trouble if I told you the situation I first played with fire but I haven't stopped scence wink

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

Mr_chazBRONZE Member
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Location: Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I used to love harnessing the sun with a magnifying glsas when i was little. you know, burning leaves, trana write patterns in paper -that sort of stuff! OK granted, this aint much to do with spinning but it is the same idea. Controlling the fire!! ubbrollsmile

simtaBRONZE Member
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Location: hastings, England (UK)

i went from non-fire to fire pretty much straightaway

ive been playing with fire for over a year now, fire breathing/fire ds/fire staff/fire poi and ive only had one burn on the inside on my left arm when i went to trap the staff instead of catchin it with my ankle n flickin it back up

i think ive done alrite, altho temptin fate n all tht, but yeh jeans n hoodies r the way forward to reduce burns

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SinroixxxBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

I saw someone doing fire staff at a music festival i went to. When i came back i brought one off the intenet straight away, with an instruction vid. Watched the vid and promised myself i wouldnt light up till i'd had a good long practice. five mins later i had flames whizzing past my head face and all sorts. smitten. anyway, never actually been burnt, a few singed hairs but apart from that nothing,

as far as clothing goes i wear a black wool vest and chef trousers which are great cos theyre not to tight that they restrict movement, not to baggy that you get caught up and they have about a 20second burn resistance. also i wear army boots with steal toes, theres a nice dip after the caps finish between ankle and toe to rest the staff in when kicking.

SethisBRONZE Member
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Dude, my mother was the person who always let me play with the fire in the first place! Fireworks, Bonfires, Candles... a right little pyro family we were! ubblol

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shadows_shadedBRONZE Member
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Location: Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Talk about the shameful truth... but then I always respect my roots.

Stargate inspired me to use PVC piping to master the art of polevaulting while attempting to decapitate an opponent.

Now I SHOULD be dead. If it hadn't been for Tae-kwon-doe, I would be. biggrin

I spent about 3 years learning how to manipulate aluminium / PVC piping in this way, and the entire history I remained uninjured.

I only decided to light up this year, after observing some of my fire twirling friends in action for the first time, and I built my own fire staff, out of aluminium curtain rods and PVC. Out of this I got two months of firetwirling, some highly singed shoes, a burn underneath one eye... and a heap of stories to tell. It also earnt me the sense to buy a REAL fire staff... now I'm as happy as vegimite comes.

Good fun biggrin
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Mr_JoePart-time genius
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Location: Netherlands

Been spinning poi for just over a month, though my experience with them is limited to glow. I lit my home-made staff after a week of basically solid practicing, I'm taking it fairly slowly, feeling my confidence build but not getting cocky smile

While I put a lot of care and though into the construction of my own staff it is made of wood and starting to scorch underneath the foil shielding i've put on, so I'm getting myself a pro-made one!


Kathain_BowenGood Ol' Yarn For Hair
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I laid down on the driveway immediately afterwards and proceeded to tell Havocangel that I "wasn't expecting it to be that hot." I think I said the word "hot" close to six hundred times after that. Havocangel tells me it was "adorable."

Fire has been uneventful for me.

I'm worse for not going to the doctor when Mum tells me to.

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