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Posted:Haha, me and my sister were bored last night so made this video.

Hope people will leave comments on YouTube about it and tell me what you think. I'm missing all my butterflys and more from this video but this is just a sample of beginner stuff I know. Expect a smart one in midsummer.


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Posted:awesome spinning and an even phatter song, gnarles is the [censored]!


Posted:Awww cheers. That's after a full day of proper learning from the poi spinning book.


Posted:pretty smooth poi bro, nicely done. lol my eyes are so attracted to those poi sticks...

"I don't know what you are talking about"

"Cardinal!!! Poke her... with the SOFT CUSIONS!!!!"

"Its not working my lord!"

"Have you got all of the stuffing on one end?!"


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Posted:i love the little sexy dance your sister does about 1/2 way through the video before she charges the camera.


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